Saturday, September 23, 2006

Do Unto Others

Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to the "do unto others" theory of life? I get so frustrated with people sometimes. They choose to treat people bad and with a bad attitude, and yet they expect so much in return. I try to never be a confrontational person and that frustrates my husband. If he has a problem with somebody he just tells them so. I on the other hand tend to stew about it, but never say a word to the offender. I just don't find that in most cases "putting it out there" helps solve anything. The people that treat me in such a negative manner have the type of personality that would only get offended by me coming forward. I've started being very irritable towards these people because I can't stand their actions. So I know they probably think I have a problem. I've also decided that spending as little time with them as possible is the best course of action. Then again when it's family that's the problem that can be pretty difficult to do!