Monday, April 30, 2007


I just love a day filled with sunshine. Nothing is better than waking up to a pretty spring day. When the kids and I left the house this morning we didn't even need a jacket. I'm always saying that if I could find a state that was about 76 degrees year round I would move in a second. Of course it would have to be sunny too, warmth and rain doesn't do me any good!

Yesterday was my Grandpa's birthday. He turned 81 years old. I can't believe what a healthy person he is for his age. He still mows his own grass and he also takes care of my Grandma who has Alzheimer's Disease. Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Great Contest!

I hope nobody minds all these great contests that I post. I just always love to share an opportunity to win something great! Here is a contest to win some pretty hair clips for your little girl! Below I've included the link to the great company sponsoring this contest.

Wonder Walk

Last week my daughter's preschool participated in the Wonder Walk for the March of Dimes. My daughter raised $50 for Premature Babies. This is a very special cause to us because my nephew was born 7 weeks premature just a little over 4 years ago. Now my sister is expecting her second son and is doing 17P injections to help prevent another preemie. So far she has just reached the mark at which her son was born. We're hoping for at least 37-38 weeks, but not too much more because she has developed Gestational Diabetes. She doesn't want to have such a big baby that they decide to do a C-section. People around the country are doing Walk America today also for the March of Dimes. Let's always remember the Premature babies and do what we can to help out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coach Purse Contest!

Check out this link for a contest to win a Coach purse!

Situation Resolved

I decided to talk to the director at my son's preschool. She was as upset as I was about the situation that occured on Monday. She talked to his teacher who did apologize to me. The director and I both were really disgusted that when I went to wash his clothes from school that a pair of the poopy underwear had been sent home with poop still in them and they were shoved in a rubber glove. It was awful and easier to just throw the whole mess away. My son went back to preschool today-in underwear-and had no further problems. I hope it was a one time only occurence!

Monday, April 23, 2007


What is it about April that always brings unhappy things to my family? Every year it seems like April is a rough month for us. We've dealt with our share this April as usual. On Friday my 5 year old little girl peed in her pants at the babysitter. This little girl has never, ever, had a potty accident! Then today I went to pick up my 3 year old son from his first day back to preschool after his surgery and am informed that he had two poopy accidents today! He has never had a poopy accident! His teacher told me that he's not welcome back at school until he either "gets it under control" or wears pull-ups to school. I feel like crying. I don't understand what happened with these two kids having accidents? I wasn't very happy with my sons teacher and her lack of understanding either. He's never had problems before and yet he's instantly not welcome? Furthermore, it's a state funded preschool that deals with kids with disabilities so they are licensed to change diapers, etc. if need be. They don't have a potty trained policy although my son is usually potty trained. :(

Friday, April 20, 2007

Digital Photo Frame Contest!

Those wonderful women over at 5 minutes for Mom are hosting yet another great contest! This time you can win a Philips Digital Photo Frame. This is great for anybody with a digital camera. I know I'm guilty of not printing right away, and this way people could still enjoy all my photos. Go on over and sign up!

Beautiful Day

Wow! It is a beautiful spring day here today. It's so nice to see and feel the sunshine. I think they are calling for a great weekend as well. My son is finally starting to come around from his surgery. He still doesn't sleep well because his throat dries out and then hurts, but daytime is much better. We have another birthday party this weekend. This time it's for my nephew that's turning 1. My sister is doing better, but is having a hard time managing her gestational diabetes. No matter how she alters her diet her numbers are still off. We're hoping that it doesn't result in a big baby because she doesn't want a c-section at all!

I hope you are all enjoying the weather wherever you're reading from!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rough Week #2

Well we just managed to finish another rough week. My son had is tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday as well as had another set of ear tubes placed. The surgery went good, but he has been so miserable ever since! He refused to eat or drink when we brought him home and on Friday night we ended up at the ER. I think we arrived there at 11:30 p.m. and we were there until 4:40 a.m. when they finally decided that he was so dehydrated that he needed to be admitted. He got IV fluids until Saturday evening around 7:30 p.m. when we were released to go home.

On the same Tuesday as his surgery I got a call that my sister who is 31 weeks pregnant was in the hospital. Her first child was born a preemie at 33 weeks and she was having contractions. They gave her a shot and put her on light activity for the rest of the week. So she was O.K. but upset because her 4 year old had a birthday on Sunday and she didn't know how she was going to pull that off! She did with help though and he had a great party.

To top off all this story, my sister and I work my mom's childrens boutique. So, my mom had to work all week and my dad just opened a new restaurant in town and this week was the big opening week!

When it rains it pours and for some reason April is always a rough month for my family.

My son is home, but still feeling really miserable. My sister has a doctors appointment today, so we should know the new word by this afternoon on her condition. Surely things will look up soon!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

I hope all of you have a Happy Easter! When I get off work today my kids and I will be dyeing the eggs and making something to have at dinner tomorrow. It was a busy week, but I did get my Easter things purchased on Monday morning.

My Grandma's brother died and we had the viewing Wednesday night. My Grandma's siblings were crying more over her, as she has Alzheimer's, then they were over her brother. Most of them don't see her very often and she has made a huge decline since they last saw her. Every time she would see her brother, it would seem like the first time to her. It was very sad!

Wednesday night my daughter threw up in the night. She didn't come and get me or her dad, so I didn't even know until Thursday morning! She went to church for the first time last Sunday and she said that she was afraid that if we knew she was sick she would have to miss church this week. Poor little girl! She seems to be on the mend though, so hopefully she'll be at church for Easter.

It's been quite a week. Yesterday I took my daughter to the dentist and found out that she has 5 cavities! UGH! They didn't fill any of them and we have to go back the week after my son has his surgery.

I'm looking forward to having a nice family Easter tomorrow! I hope you all enjoy yours as well!

Monday, April 02, 2007