Monday, January 30, 2006

Our Weekend

Well we survived another weekend! :) Friday evening was rather exciting around our place as our new high speed internet modem arrived. My hubby decided to try and install the whole thing as was disappointed that it wasn't as easy as our friendly sales person said it would be. So he called the 800 number and waited for 45 minutes to get a live voice, then his cell phone went did on him and he had to start the whole process over again! Grumpy husband alert!! It ended up taking about 3 hours total to have our new system up and running, but the results were a much faster internet connection. Now my 4-year old daughter and I can fight over who gets to use the computer.

Saturday we spent some time with my husbands family which I do enjoy. They are a very fun family, but busy and we don't get as much time together as I would like! My sister-in-law is pregnant and we did spend a little time discussing the baby shower we need to plan. I can't wait to throw her a super fun baby shower! We've already picked a really cute theme that fits the mom-to-be perfectly.

The only down side to Saturday was when my almost 2-year old son refused to get dressed. He wouldn't do it for mommy at all. My husband had to get out of bed and then my son nicely got dressed for daddy. What's the deal with that?

Sunday I looked at the house that my in-laws are thinking about buying. It's very neat. Built in 1910 it has all kinds of that old house style charm. My kids loved running around the big empty house and their Grammy decided that the grandchildren definitely approved. We also went to Wal-Mart for the second time of the weekend. We have a second computer that we decided to put again and it worked for about an hour and then pooped out on us. We went to Wal-Mart for a new power cord only to discover when we got home that, that was not the problem. Who knows what's wrong with it.

So, that was our weekend! Now it's back to our regularly scheduled weekday routine.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The Biting Boy

My almost two year old son had suddenly turned into the biting boy! He has decided that when his sister makes him mad it's best to give her a big old bite. Yes, he's done it twice now - once on the arm and interestingly, once on the middle of the back. Now how you bite a persons back I'll never know as this one happened at Grammy's house.

The first time I was thankfully in the shower and my hubby was in charge of the children. They were playing with the ever so annoying "Amazing Amanda" that my parents bought my daughter for Christmas. The daughter doesn't play with it too often, but my son who can only say a few words likes the fact that the doll mostly asks yes or no questions! Two words he can easily say to her. So, anyhow my daughter says that she was sitting Amanda on the potty and my son was trying to feed her. Well, duh, you can't eat and potty at the same time, so she took Amanda away. Then my son took a bite out of my daughters arm. Daddy had to do the discipline and I'm glad because I'm no good at that. Plus, somehow when they do something bad I manage to get some of the blame.

So, a couple of days later the children were at Grammy's and he bit my daughter again. Don't know why as I wasn't there, but lets hope it was the last time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Little Girl, Big Attitude

My daughter - the little girl with the big attitude. She is 4 years old going on 14. Everything has suddenly become boring, especially being at home with her mom and dad. This is a little girl who loves to stay the night away from home. She's always asking me if she can stay somewhere else. After all she says how can she ever miss me if we're always together.

Then the other morning on the way to the babysitters house I was playing her Strawberry Shortcake CD and skipped a song that she never wants to listen to. Well, that was a big mistake! From the backseat the 4 year old says, "Mom - you did the wrong thing." She wanted to hear that song apparently and I messed it all up! Can you imagine this little angel once she has PMS! HA!

On the other hand, she does have her adorable, loving side! I wouldn't want you to think it was all about bad attitude. She does tell me that she loves me a kazillion and that I'm the best mom in the world.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Emotional Girl

My daughter is a very emotional girl. Last night I was working on a project for my sons 2nd birthday. It is a slide show of his baby pictures until now and has music with it. Well, my daughter wanted to watch it with me and she is 4. Part way through she started crying because she said the pictures were just so cute. I kept trying to get a better feel for why she was crying, but she had no reason. I guess she's just going to be emotional like me. I always cry over little things like that. When I was a little girl I remember crying whenever I watched Charlotte's Web. Then I would hide my head under a blanket because I couldn't explain what made me cry either! Just the way we are I guess! It's in her wiring. Poor thing! :)

My 1st Blog

Hi! This is my 1st blog. I recently stumbled across some great blog sites, such as Very Mom and decided I wanted to start my own. After all, I have two children who do some cute, funny and aggravating things! I also have lots of thoughts and opinions that could be fun to share. So, here I am and hopefully at some point there will be something interesting to read here.