Friday, March 30, 2007

Win a Dyson!

The great ladies over at 5 minutes for Mom are doing a Dyson Vacuum giveaway - check it out- Also, give the Dyson company a visit as they are the ones donating this fabulous prize! What mom couldn't use a new vacuum? I know I sweep at least once a day. Good luck!

Song Bird

I had to smile on the way to drop my kids off this morning. My daughter is such a little song bird! She knows so many songs off the radio and just loves to sing along. Her favorite is by Tim McGraw and I think it's called "Fly Away." I made a video of her singing it the other day. My parents have a video of me as a little girl singing an Alabama song. I grew up on that band! Anyway, I always enjoy hearing her sing and I'm always amazed at how well she memorizes the songs. It's the little things like that, that can start your day off right.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

If April Showers Bring May Flowers?

Then what do March showers bring? Sheesh! We have been having all kinds of rain here lately. The ground is saturated from all the melted snow and now it's getting rain dumped on top of it. We may need a boat to start getting around. :) My daughter doesn't mind it at all because she recently got a new raincoat. It is purple and has Tinkerbell on the back of it. When she first got it she took it everywhere to show people her new prize possession. Now it's raining and she actually gets to wear it - even better! I guess I shouldn't complain too much because it's warm even though it's raining. I can tolerate the rain much better when it's not 35 degrees out as well. Isn't it funny that right now 57 degrees feels warm, but come August or September when it hits 57 we'll think it's freezing out. LOL! I always think it's so funny how our bodies adjust to different temperatures.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coming Soon - Surgery

We took my 3 year old son to the ENT yesterday. He had a set of tubes put in his ears in April of 2005, but continued to have sinus problems. Then the tubes came out and we were back to having fluid on his ears all the time. However, our original ENT refused to do anything else for him. At his 3 year check up the pediatrician did a tympanogram (sp) and found out that my little boys ear drums were not moving at all, so his hearing probably isn't the best. He's been in speech therapy since he was eighteen months old, most likely as a result of the muffled hearing. Anyway, we went to a different ENT and he decided to put another set of ear tubes in and to remove his tonsils and adenoids. I'm very nervous about having another surgery! We are hoping though that it will be an end to a lot of his suffering that we face ever year except for in the summer. We do have a wonderful children's hospital here and that makes a world of difference. They did his first set of tubes, and my daughter recently had a small cyst removed off of her face there. So, come April 10th we're in for another round! I told my husband that I can't believe we are having another surgery on one of our children. Then he reminded me to be thankful that they are always minor things! My babysitter has a daughter who was born with three kidneys and she has already faced two surgeries, one at only a few days old. So yes, I am thankful that we only have minor medical issues!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Perfect Contest!

What type of contest would be perfect for a mom who's blog is called Mom Tu-Tu? Check this one out, it's to win a great item from a mom who designs dance wear. I've entered in the hopes that my little dancer will win! Go to the link and enter for your own little one

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Big Boy Bed

Tonight my little boy will be sleeping in a big boy bed. He has had a toddler race car bed, but my sister needs to borrow my crib and we needed the spring part for the toddler bed. Plus, my little boy wasn't sleeping that comfortably because his head would end up on the plastic by nights end. I can't believe that both of my kids are now out of cribs and toddler beds. Where have all my babies gone? It seems like just yesterday I got a positive pregnancy test with my first one! When I get done at work today I'll be off to buy big boy sheets. It's one of those bittersweet stages of life I suppose. You love to see them make changes, but feel sad to see the baby in them leaving. For some reason it's harder with this little guy. I guess because I know he's probably my last baby.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

About Me

Every since the blog party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom I have had lots of new visitors! That's great! So, I thought I should share a few things about me. I've seen a lot of bloggers do these type of posts and I always enjoy them.

  1. I love the color pink!
  2. I love to watch "The Girls Next Door."
  3. I loved being pregnant with both of my kids.
  4. I feel passionately about midwives and what they do for birth.
  5. I was introduced to my husband by my highschool sweetheart.
  6. I love spring & summer.
  7. I love to go on vacation, especially to the beach.
  8. I love to stay at nice hotels.
  9. I love to eat at the Olive Garden.
  10. I love to go out on dates with my husband.
  11. I love to go shopping, and wish I had the money to go more often.
  12. I rarely ever buy an item that isn't on sale.
  13. I really enjoy buying and selling on E-bay.
  14. I love staying at home with my kids, but I also love my part time job.
  15. Before I had kids I loved to read historical romance, now I don't have time.
  16. I enjoy talking to expectant moms.
  17. I work at a Children's Boutique that my mom owns.
  18. My kids are night owls just like their dad.
  19. I would take a nap everyday if I could.
  20. I do NOT enjoy cleaning!

There is a start for people to get to know me better. Those are the top twenty things that came to mind when thinking of things that say a lot about who I am or what I enjoy!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Law!

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. I have to say that I am super lucky in the mother-in-law department. The two of us get along better than a real mother and daughter even could. We enjoy a lot of the same things and we enjoy each others company. We don't always agree, but we don't have a problem agreeing to disagree on some issues. She loves my kids and will do anything for them that she has the time to. She opened a hair salon a year and a half ago so that her daughter would have a job and that has taken a lot of her time. She is someone that I can always talk to, even about the tough stuff. I'm so thankful to have gotten a woman like her as my in-law. I've heard some people have a really hard with theirs and that's too bad. So, to my wonderful mother-in-law, and even more my really good friend - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank You! Thank You!

I just found out that I am a winner of a prize from the Pampering You blog! Thank you! Thank you! Check out the blog to see lot's of really great jewelry and hair accesories!
The blog party was really a great thing for me and my blog! It increased my traffic, won me a prize, again thank you to Pampering You, and I met a lot of nice people on other blogs. I'm going to join 5 Minutes for Mom because they are great! I'm so excited to have found this site!
I want to thank everybody that visited me and I really hope you come back. I'll be continuing to try and visit blogs from the blog party.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Off Work and Loving It

My husband has been off work because of the weather for about 4 months now. It has been terrible for our budget, but great for the family. We have all enjoyed having the extra together time. I work part-time at my mom's Children's Boutique, but that's only 3 days a week, so we've had a lot of time as a family. I never knew how much I could enjoy having my husband around more. My son has really loved it to. He's a Daddy's boy and has had a great time riding with Daddy in his truck and going to the "tractor" store. I'm sure once the weather breaks he won't be around nearly as much and we're sure going to miss him!

So Excited!

I'm so excited! I joined the party over at 5 minutes for mom,, and I've had so many visitors! YEAH! It's great and I have received so many nice comments. Any of you dropping by that haven't joined in definitely should! Check out my party post and the link to the party on the side. It's great! I just have to say it one more time - YEAH!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Party Post!

Hey! I'm pretty new to blogging and haven't done a lot of it simply because I can't seem to get people here to read and leave comments! I've joined up with 5 Minutes for Mom who are having a party to help me get some more readers. Please come join the party by clicking on the link for the party! I'm a mom to two kids and I love to have a good time with other blogging mom's, don't you? This is the link for the home site where the party is being held. Check it out!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Goodbye February

February is now officially over. The month started out with lots and lots of snow! My husband plowed for basically two weeks straight. It was also so bad that he had to move some of the snow with a backhoe and dump truck! I am on a bowling league and officially missed 3 nights because of weather and one night because the bowling alley is in awful shape and the roof there was leaking.

My son said goodbye to 2 years old and his Early Intervention class. He is now at big preschool and seems to be a big boy quite literally at 37 pounds. His sister did not weigh that much until she turned 4 years old. His boy cousin who will turn 4 in April is only at 35 1/4 pounds. We have our 3 year old well check up on Friday and I'll be curious to see what they have to say about where we are on the charts, and/or off of them!
My daughter has been addicted to Webkinz and her 11 year old aunt. She has memorized her aunts phone number so that they can talk and play Webkinz on the computer. I think our official count on number of those silly things living at our house is 9.
I got a new dryer! YEAH! My old one had taken to randomly scorching clothes. Generally only mine and only ones that are meant for work and dressing up. It is so nice to throw a load in and know that they will come out untouched. :)
It was really a great month for our family!