Monday, July 17, 2006

Uh Oh! Two New Phrases

My daughter has just this past week learned and used correctly two not so nice phrases. First one was last week on Tuesday. She was riding in the car with her Gramma when someone took their parking space, my daughter promptly says "what a dumb a--". My mom was totally shocked that her precious granddaughter would ever mutter such sentiments! However we do know that her Pop (a.ka. Grandpa) uses these exact words around 50 times a day.
Second time was this weekend, again in the presence of grandparents. She was helping her Grammy and Grandpa clean out their car. Well Grandpa was teasing and carrying on and irritating Grammy. So my daughter turns to Grammy and says "Grandpa is really being a smart a-- isn't he". Grandpa is in the front of the vehicle laughing until his stomach hurts because not only does she use these words, but she usually them correctly without missing a beat. Grammy did however give her a firm warning about saying such things. Again, we do know where she learned this one. Her dad is often calling me and his mother these nice things.
So, I am thoroughly shocked and appalled! I am also very concerned about the fact that she is going to vacation bible school for the first time this week after learning these new phrases. I'm sure the church will be greatly impressed by her vocabulary if she chooses to use them. Let's hope that she's forgotten or finally realized after two tries that they aren't a good idea. I'm now working on the people around me so that she will not continue to learn worse things from them. My husband is prone to saying way worse than the a-- word! So is good old Pop, Grandpa and Grammy. She does have one good influence as my mom, her gramma, even believes that fart is a bad word. :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Derby Cars & Kittens

My husband and two and half year old son went demolition derby car shopping yesterday. Interestingly enough they came home with one derby car and two kittens! It was so funny and I imagine that's what happens when you take a two year old along for the ride. So the kids spent the whole evening outside playing with the kittens. At one point they even had their blankets and pillows out there. They thought they could sleep outside with the new kitties, it was too cute!

Now it will be derby car madness season around our house. Every year from July to August our barn is full of men and derby cars. Different men and different derby cars all the time. My husband and several of his buddies do cars every year. They all end up at our house at one time or another because we have the biggest barn and the biggest variety of power tools and such. We live in the country, but our one close next door neighbor really loves this time of the year as she gets to hear people banging around at all hours of the night. I have little sympathy though because she is the neighbor that always has a problem with our animals. Thanks to her, our kitten from last year ended up inside her house never to return to the outdoor living.
So there are new projects at our house for everybody. Mine is preparing for the garage sale that I'm having at the end of next week. I can't wait to see how that goes. It's always nice to make a little extra money. Last year the garage sale at my mother-in-laws went very well for me. It even bought the children a whole new summer wardrobe.
Hope you are all enjoying the summer as we are at our house. It will fall and winter all too soon!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I found out yesterday that my daughter has a spot at the preschool I wanted her to go to. I'm so happy because the schedule is just perfect for us (it could only be better if it didn't start until 11:00 a.m. as we are not morning people!). Anyway, it will work out with my work schedule so that I don't have to pay for preschool and childcare. My son already goes there for speech therapy once a week so I know the building and some of the teachers. My daughter is excited and I know she'll do great there. She is very outgoing and so ready for more learning experiences. She seems so smart for a little girl her age. Everyone says that she talks more like a six or seven year old. She is also going to be attending vacation bible school for the first time this year. We don't go to church yet, but I thought this would be a nice start. She keeps calling it "vacation school." I can't believe that she's finally old enough to start doing all these activities!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weekend & Thanks!

First off - thanks to the reader who gave me some insight into where my missing midwife might have gone. I'm still going to miss her, but glad to hear that she didn't disappear due to something horrible happening.

Now to my weekend. My family went up to the lake and camped out with my father-in-law. We had a great time on our boat. We had family and friends in and out the whole time so we kept busy. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins. My daughter was very happy that she got to swim several times. She loves the water and swims pretty good for a girl of just 4 1/2. The weather could have been better. There were several rainy, cloudy periods over the whole weekend. Including a late night storm which resulted in two kiddos being in bed with me and my husband. It didn't take long for me to be kicked out and sleeping on the bed where the kids had been before.

My only real complaint about the weekend was my fil. My kids don't see him very often. Not because he lives far away, but just because he doesn't choose to try and see them. My in-laws are divorced and my husband doesn't have that great of a relationship with his father. Anyway, the one time we spend time with him and he complains about the kids. He doesn't like that they make messes at a campground, my 2 1/2 year old son shouldn't be in diapers, etc, etc... You would think that if you only see the grandkids on a few occasions each year that you wouldn't gripe when you were with them. It just gives me further reason to not make an effort either. I would rather they spend time with the grandparents that love and appreciate them faults and all!