Saturday, December 29, 2007

Belated, Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Between my ongoing health problems and the busyness of the holiday season I haven't been updating my blog. I don't think it matters a whole lot since I don't have many readers anyway. I just want to wish those that stop by a late Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year! I sure hope that 2008 brings answers to my stomach troubles. I am continuing to have those and now I've developed a sore throat as well. This has been a very long and depressing two months for me. I am thankful though that I actually felt good on Christmas and truly enjoyed the time with my family.
If anyone likes to shop online my mom has her Children's Boutique on the web now. You can visit us at

Friday, December 07, 2007

She's 6!

My daughter turned 6 years old this week. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed since she was born. I will never forget the day that she entered this world. It was the best birth I could have possibly imagined. The day was even beautiful! It was 70 degrees and the sun was shining in December. We walked around outside that day with no coats on. My labor was relatively short for a first baby and not hard until about 2 hours before she was born. When she did grace us with her presence she was surrounded by people that loved her and were greatly anticipating her arrival. My midwife delivered her at 2:46 p.m. in the afternoon and the first thing I said was "she is so tiny." Surprisingly to me, she weighed 7 lbs 2 oz which is an average size baby!

The first night she was born she cried for hours demanding attention. She still lives her life with determination and gusto. She is very smart, helpful and dramatic. Her moods change with the wind, but we love her for who she is.

Happy Belated Birthday to my first born child!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


December has arrived! It's really cold here today which seems the perfect way to bring this month in. My husband has a rule that we can't put up our Christmas tree until it's officially December, so I guess we can put it up now. We'll probably do that on Sunday since my daughter is having a birthday sleepover with her cousin tonight. I can feel much better about wearing my Christmas clothes and playing my Christmas music now! I always feel a little silly starting right after Thanksgiving, but I love it!
My daughter and her cousin will be making pillowcases tonight at her sleepover. I bought white pillowcases and fabric paint so I know it will be a lot of fun for them! I just hope that my son doesn't feel the need to join in since I didn't buy him a pillowcase. I probably should have, but I didn't really think about it at the time.
My medical drama is still continuing. I've been put on a second medication that cost $71.49 for a 40 day supply. I'm also supposed to have a test for a certain bacteria and a CT Scan on Wednesday of my abdomen. I hope the new medicine kicks in before I go for the $1500 medical test. We don't have any health insurance. We make too much money for Medicaid, but we don't make enough money to be able to afford $400 a month for medical insurance! Isn't it a lose - lose situation? I know a lot of people with insurance that are also strapped with medical cost, so I'm not sure there is any good answer.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hope you had a.....

Happy Thanksgiving! We spent our time with family and it was nice. I'm struggling to get better from whatever illness I've had for a month now. My son is coming down with a bad cough and fever. At least we made it through the first holiday though!

My daughter's parent/teacher conference was great! We found out that she is reading at a late 2nd grade, early 3rd grade level; in Kindergarten. She can actually read beyond that level, but her comprehension starts to fade of what she is reading. She might be able to an advanced reading class with the first grade kids and the school would like to see her maybe tested for giftedness. We were so pleased!

It's definitely my favorite time of year. I went shopping yesterday and left my house at 4:40 a.m. It was a blast! I'm already playing Christmas music and wearing my holiday shirts. I always try to soak up as much as I can for the next month or so. I hope you're all enjoying this special season as well!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Busy, Busy

I haven't posted in a while because I've been so busy! My parents own a children's boutique and my dad bought the building that it's in, so we're getting ready to open a racing gift and collectables store as well!
I'm still having moments of not feeling the best. This has been a monster virus to recover from. I just have high hopes of feeling good through the holiday season. We have Thanksgiving this Sunday as well as next Thursday. Then, if I can get a baby sitter, I will be shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving! I absolutely love to get up at 5:00 a.m. and hit the stores with a little Christmas music playing and the kids still cozy in bed. Shopping on the day after Thanksgiving is the only thing that willingly gets me out of bed that early. :)
Tonight I have my parent-teacher conference at my daughter's school. I'm really curious to see what she will say about my daughter's reading ability.
I believe it's just 20 days until my oldest turns 6! Where did the last 6 years go? She's planning a sleepover with her cousin who turned 6 in June. We're excited and I'm trying to plan some fun sleepover activities for two. I think we might paint pillowcases with fabric paint! Any great ideas out there? There are a lot online, but mostly for sleepovers with whole groups of girls.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Favorite

My Friday Favorite this week is a new, easy recipe that I got from a cousin of mine. She is on the Weight Watchers diet and she told me about this fabulous Pumpkin Spice Muffin recipe. You mix a box of spice cake mix with 1 small can of pumpkin, then you bake them according to the package directions. What you get is a very moist and tasty Pumpkin Spice Muffin. They are great for breakfast or just a snack. If you're watching your weight it's supposed to be good as well. If you're not watching your weight, they would be great with some Cool Whip mixed with spice flavoring! Anyway, these were the first thing I baked when I started feeling better and they hit the spot. I thought I would share the recipe because it would be perfect to make at the Holidays.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Less Stress

I've decided that I'm going to try and have less stress this holiday season. A big part of my holiday stress every year is self induced. I always worry that my kids will be sick and we'll miss out on family festivities. This year I'm not going to worry myself about it. The most important thing in life is my kids and even if they are sick I'll be with them on the holiday. Last year my daughter was sick for Thanksgiving, my son was sick for two Christmas parties and my husband was sick on Christmas day. You know what? Life went on and we still had nice holidays overall. I think I worry myself sick over it all! I'm going to try my hardest this year to focus on what is most important and take things as they come.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Can you believe that it's November already? I just don't know where this past year has gone. I need to get on the ball with my Christmas shopping. I've just barely started. I am happy to say that I did a Christmas club through my bank this year, so I have a little shopping money tucked away. I truly enjoy this time of year when the holiday season is approaching and you see a little bit more of the people you love.
We had our first ever "grown up" Halloween party this year. We had a great turn out and if I had felt better it would have been a great time!
My daughter has a birthday coming up in just a little over a month. It's hard to believe that she'll be 6 years old! I think she wants to do a kitty birthday party. I'll need to start planning that very soon.
November?! Who can believe that it's here already?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More than a day

My sick day turned into a whole week! After I posted last week I ended up having a relapse of the stomach bug and was sick for the whole week and weekend. We had planned a big Halloween Party at our house and it went on, but I could barely enjoy it. I've been living on crackers & tea. Just yesterday I was able to advance to soup and applesauce. It's been miserable! My daughter continued to help me with her brother and she constantly showed her concern for me. She is so special! I hope that I'm on the upswing of all this mess, and I hope that you are all feeling good out there.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mommy's Sick Day

Mommy had to take a sick day this week. I started feeling ill very suddenly on Tuesday afternoon. It hit me like a truck! I went and got my kids from the sitter and went home to bed. My daughter, age 5 3/4, was such a big help to me! She took care of her little brother age 3 3/4 for me the whole evening until her daddy got home. I still felt bad Wednesday morning and I actually dreading seeing her off to Kindergarten. I hate coming down with stomach ailments. My son got up nice and early on Wednesday and doesn't understand that when mommy is sick she doesn't feel like doing much. I'm back at work today, but still not feeling 100%. It seems like the older I get, the longer I take to bounce back. I would love to go home and take a nap, but tonight for my work we're passing out candy for the local downtown Beggar's Night.
Anyway, I couldn't thank my daughter enough! She's going to be Super Girl this Halloween and the title couldn't be more appropriate! I sure love that little girl!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Motherhood = Exhaustion

I will never forget the first pregnancy symptom I experienced when I was pregnant with my daughter. We had just moved to a new house and the time had just "sprung" forward as it was April. I also had a new job that involved me getting up earlier for a small commute. I was totally exhausted! I kept telling everyone that all the changes going on had really worn me out. Within a week or so I realized that I had also missed my period! I was pregnant! That explained the chronic fatigue I was having. It also continued for the entire 9 months of pregnancy.
I truly believe that the moment my egg was fertilized I became permanently exhausted. LOL!
To this day I never feel completely rested. There are nights that I get 10 hours of sleep and still wake up tired. Of course I'm a light sleeper, so I'm awake through the night listening to what's going on in my kids rooms. Who knows, maybe someday I'll be energized again?! :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Favorite

I have been so busy this week! I haven't had a chance to do a single blog post. I do want to do my Friday Favorite though.

This week I have chosen padded bras. :) LOL! When you're a woman with practically no bust a padded bra can really be your friend. This morning I had to wear the non-padded version and my clothes just don't look as nice. I'm not talking about creating cleavage, I'm just talking about making your bust line look smooth in your shirts. Most women that I know complain about the opposite issue. However, if you're flat like me you probably enjoy a good padded bra as well!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sore Throat & Fever

In addition to the coughing that my son has had my daughter is now feverish and has a sore throat! The school called this morning and I had to pick her up because she had a temperature of 101. They also told me that your child has to be fever free for 24 hours without any medication before they can return. So, I guess my daughter is having a really long weekend. I don't think it helps that our weather here has been ranging from 50 to 80 degrees over the past couple of weeks! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cough Crazy

My son has been coughing like crazy the past few nights! Poor little guy doesn't get much sleep and neither do I. We are finally on our third round of over the counter cough medicine. I took some advice from the Dr. Sears website, and tried the long acting medicine they recommended. I also bought a warm mist vaporizer and set it up in his room. He actually only had two coughing fits last night versus them being constant the other nights.
My son starts in with respiratory illnesses every fall. Last spring we had his tonsils and adenoids removed in the hopes that it would help us. I'm not feeling too confident now! He really suffered with the surgery and wound up dehydrated and back in the hospital, so I'm really hoping that it was worth it. He has had croup and 2 bouts of Pneumonia in his 3 1/2 years of life. I couldn't even put a number on the many ear infections we've dealt with. We're on our second set of ear tubes! Do any of you have kids that suffer with these things?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Successful Walk!

The Alzheimer's Memory walk was a success! Our team was the family team that raised the most money in our county. We raised $1150 for the Alzheimer's Association. We were very proud and hope that someday there will be more hope for people with this disease. It's interesting to me that people who don't have a friend/family member with this, don't understand the devastation that it causes families.
We are already looking forward to next year. We are trying to get our relatives from two other states to come and help us support the cause. My Grandma has a lot of family that loves her and hopes to never see others suffer like she has.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pink Camera Giveaway

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, 5 Minutes for Mom and Casio are giving away a pink digital camera! I really want to win since I didn't get the pink Dyson!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Favorite

I miss last Friday for my new Friday Favorite, but I didn't forget today!
My favorite for this Friday is, slip on shoes. There is nothing better to me than a pair of shoes that I can easily slip on or off. I've always loved summer for sandal and flip flop season! Last year I found a pair of slip on tennis shoes. Perfect for me because I love to slip on shoes when I leave the house and then easily take them off when I'm in my house.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Countdown to Memory Walk

4 days until the Alzheimer's Memory Walk! This Sunday I will be walking in honor of my Grandma who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. When a family member has Alzheimer's Disease you lose them right before your very eyes. My Grandma has lost the ability to have a conversation, and she's lost the ability to take care of her basic everyday needs. She doesn't even remember the foods that she likes or dislikes. She cries every time someone tells her that her parents have died even though they have both been gone for well over 10 years. This disease steals a person while they are still alive and takes them from their family. I am walking so that we can find a cure, or at least a better way to manage it. I hope and pray that my parents, my sibling or myself never have to face it again. I am placing the link for my donation page here in case anyone wants to donate to my walk. Thank you!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
I am placing this pink ribbon on my blog as a reminder to all women to do their monthly breast exam. When I was 26 years old I found a lump in my breast. It wasn't Cancer, but thanks to my self breast exams I knew it was there and if it would have been Cancer, perhaps it would have been caught early enough to help me. I am now getting breast ultrasounds done every 6 months due to more non-cancerous tumors being found on the last ultrasound.
Spread the word about how important of a cause this is! My great-grandma, my great-aunt and one of my dad's cousins has all fought this disease. I know several bloggers who have fought this disease as well. This ribbon is for them and all those who have fought and won. It is also for those have fought and lost their lives. Hopefully in the future there will be a cure for this and all Cancers!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend Wedding

We are getting ready to spend our weekend at a wedding. One of our friends is finally getting married! His bride-to-be is from a place 3 hours from where we live. So, they compromised and are getting married at a half way point. Tonight we will be driving to the rehearsal and coming back home. Tomorrow, it's back to the wedding location by 11:00 a.m. We are going to stay Saturday night, which will be nice! The kids are staying with my in-laws. They also have some cousins staying there which they will really enjoy. I'm looking forward to spending time with all our friends and celebrating. It's actually nice sometimes to go to a wedding without the kids. It's kind of a mini-vacation! The weather is supposed to be really nice 76 degrees and sunny.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend as well!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Smell of Avon

I like to buy my kids Avon bubble bath. I think it bubbles up so much more than the kind you buy at the store. Anyway, a couple of months ago when I decided to buy it for them I bought the kid scented one. When it was time to replenish our bubble bath supply I noticed that Avon was having buy one get one free so I bought the kid scent and one of the Pink Rose. My mom always bought me the pink rose when I was a kid because at the time there wasn't a "kid" scent. So, when I first used the pink rose for the kids the wonderful smell filled the air and took me back in time! It smells like my childhood bath time and that is so relaxing. It's amazing how certain smells will trigger memories, and for me it's the smell of Avon that takes me back in time. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tragedy Update

After almost a week there are finally some answers in the tragic house fire that took the lives of 4 kids and one adult. The fire was intentionally set by a 10 year old boy. It is believed that he also lived in the house, but of course that information is not being released to the public. The police say that although the fire was intentional the outcome was not. I can't even imagine being a 10 year old and realizing that I've killed 5 people. He's been charged with Arson and 5 counts of murder. They are holding him at a juvenile detention center for his own protection. In all honesty this only makes the tragedy more tragic. The memorial service for 3 of the children is being held today. The fire was directly across from an elementary school and the playground fence was tarped so the children couldn't see it. The tree in front of the house and school is surrounded by candles, stuffed animals and notes of sympathy. It's been a sad week in our small town.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pink!! Dyson!! Yeah!!

Those wonderful ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom are giving away a pink Dyson vacuum cleaner! I want it!! I love pink! Dyson and Target are working together to raise money for Breast Cancer and this is why they have made a pink Dyson sweeper. How cool!

Friday Favorite

I decided to start something here on my blog. I know a lot people do things like Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen. I want to do a Friday Favorite. On Friday I will share something I consider one of my favorites!
My first Friday Favorite will be fleece blankets. There is nothing like curling up under a fleece blanket on a cool fall evening. Fleece is super soft and fuzzy, and keeps you extra warm. I even make fleece blankets for my kids. My son has always loved them and insists on having one even in the summer!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Lesson I Teach

One of the most important lessons that I try to teach my children is accepting others for who they are. I try hard as an adult to be open to what other people choose without making any judgements on them. I don't think we always have to agree with people to be able to get along with them. This is why I say that I want my kids to accept people as they are. I'm not saying be friends with everybody no matter what. I just want them to accept and not judge people who believe or live differently than they do.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Small Town Tragedy

The small town I live in has suffered a major tragedy this week. On Sunday morning I was coming home from my mother-in-law's house when I saw a huge amount of black smoke filling the horizon. As I got closer to town I could see that the smoke was coming from the area of downtown where both of my parents have businesses. So, I drove that way to make sure it wasn't there buildings on fire. There were many fire trucks, ambulances and police cars in the area. I could see that it was duplex on fire and I went on home. I really just figured that it was a big fire and they were taking extra effort to keep it from spreading to the local business area, but I was very wrong.
Everyone in our small town found out on Monday morning that the fire had taken five lives. Four of those lives were that of young children. The names of the victims have not been officially released, but many people already know who it was that passed away. I heard that three of the children were 6, 5 & 4. We know for sure that two people had to jump out of a 2nd story window to survive. I also heard that the 9-1-1 call was released on the radio yesterday. My husband heard it and he told me that if it came on and I was listening to turn it off. He knows I'm soft-hearted and a mother and he knew it would be too much for me. It was truly too much for him.
No one knows yet what started the fire or why all these people were unable to escape. They have called in state investigators to try and figure out the cause.
Of course we don't know the family's name yet, but please say a prayer for them. God knows who they are.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Treasured Find

My husband and I cleaned out our garage yesterday. It definitely wasn't my idea of fun! However, I did find a treasure in there!
As some of my regular readers already know, my Grandma has Alzheimer's disease. She is no longer able to share cherished memories or most times have a normal conversation of any kind. It's sad to think that along with her memory failing, her unique memories of family history are going with her. A few months ago when cleaning out some boxes of mine I found a story I had written about her in school. It was all about her childhood and I was thrilled! We still wondered where I had gotten the information though. So, yesterday in the garage I found two pages in my Grandma's handwriting, that contained her childhood memories. I was so happy. My Grandma isn't capable of writing anymore and to see those words, in her own writing was a beautiful thing! I now have something that I will always treasure.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's Cold!

Wow! I woke up this morning to 40/50 degree weather. Just yesterday it was in the high 70's, so it was quite a change. I left my window cracked last night and that let in a fall breeze for sure. I made my kids put on long pants and jackets when we left the house. I can't believe that winter is just around the corner. I love the holidays, but I am definitely a fair weather gal. I don't mind fall, wearing sweatshirts and jeans, but I don't like the blustery cold that we get here in the Midwest. The last few years we've had lots of snow and cold. Enough to last me for a few years! Can you believe that summer is basically over?

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Someone in my life has recently hurt me very deeply. This person said some things about me that were cruel. There is no other word that describes the things that were said. I asked a good Christian friend of mine whether or not you always have to "forgive and forget." Of course I know in my heart that the answer to that question is yes. It was really weighing on me though and interestingly as I read a Christian site online I found a good answer that made sense.
The article was about how forgiving someone doesn't mean that the person doesn't have to face any consequences. If a person has broken your trust and hurt you, you can forgive them, but you can also guard yourself more around them. You must forgive, but you don't have to give them back the trust they had before. It made sense to me that I should forgive, but yet I don't have to open the door to being hurt again. It doesn't make me a bad person to protect myself in the future.
This whole situation is what has kept me from blogging lately. It's hard to focus on anything else when things like this happen.
I have also struggled in the past with contributing to conversations that are of the gossip nature. I have come to realize how much these conversations can cause problems and hurt people. I'm focusing and working hard on not talking about other people or their situations.
For those who read and responded to my daughter's Kindergarten post, thank you. She is still bored with school, but I'm trying to wait and see what the next few weeks bring. We have parent-teacher conferences next month and hopefully by that time we will have a better idea of where everything stands. Thank you so much!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

One thing we learn

One thing we learn as parents is that there are always tough decisions to be made! My little girl started Kindergarten last week. She has a December birthday and that kept her from being able to start school last year. Over the summer my daughter taught herself how to read and is already reading at I would say at least a 1st or 2nd grade level. I have had many people, not just family, approach me before school started with concern that she would be bored and thus discouraged at school because she seems so ahead of the other kids her age. For example, next week at school they are doing, colors, shapes, sorting and the five senses. My daughter has know her shapes and colors since she was 3. The sorting and senses are something she also mastered quite a while ago. This week they were starting them on knowing words by site. She came home irritated that they wanted them to read single words rather than stories or books. I don't know what to do! A retired teacher suggested that we have her tested to see if she's in the right grade. She told us that if kids are bored they often don't end up working to their potential later. Then again, doesn't every parent think that their child is gifted? What to do?! If any of you are teachers or parents with more experience than I have, leave me a comment with your suggestions! I would greatly appreciate it!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


My little girl started Kindergarten today! The bus was forty-four minutes late picking her up. While we were waiting she said "It's my first day of Kindergarten and the bus is going to make me late!" She was so excited and woke up on her own this morning. Everybody keeps asking me if I cried. In all honesty, I didn't. She was so happy and excited that I was happy for her. I talked to her on the phone at the babysitters house and she reported to me that the first day was a little boring. If you knew my daughter that would be a completely expected comment. She also told me that she made two new friends today! I'm happy that it seems like it will be a good school year for her!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Nice Matters

Thank you to Katie at Boasting in My Weakness! She chose me for the Nice Matters Award. I really appreciate this award because I often wonder if my blog matters. So go over and check out Katie's blog!
I also get to choose 7 people that I get to give this award to. Here are the qualifications, “This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.” Now I will list my seven:
1. The first person that comes to mind is Bree at Buhtafly Wings. She is a blogger that I've been reading for a long time. I feel like I have a lot in common with her and her blog is great! She also drops by my blog often to leave me comments and encouragement.
2. Hope at Hope for the TaTa's receives this award for sure! She is very inspiring and has a great blog. Again, I always enjoy receiving her comments at my blog as well.
3. Blackpurl has a blog that is inspiring and I should read it more often! I know she reads my blog because she always leaves me a nice comment.
4. I am awarding one to the Hoosier Family. Definitely stop by and see this great blog.
5. Here is one for Mandalyn at Grace & Hope. Another place I enjoy visiting.
6. Michelle at Military Mommy is on a blogging break, but I still think that she deserves this award.
7. My final award goes to Mike at Something about Parenting. I am a little sad to admit that I often forget to stop by his blog, but he deserves this award for always leaving me the nicest and encouraging comments!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to Preschool

My little boy went back to preschool this week. He has a new teacher, both new to him and new to the school. She seems to be super friendly and he has adjusted much better this year! He only attended preschool for a few months last year when he turned 3, but his teacher wasn't very friendly. I saw her this morning at the school and she wasn't talking very nice to a little boy in her class. It made me really thankful that my son doesn't have her again. The teachers aid in his class is new this year, but I actually worked with her when I was a senior in high school. I had a co-op job through my school and this lady was my boss in an office. It's a little strange having her be my sons teachers aid. I did some things in high school that I would change if I could, and I know she knows about some of them. I guess we all make mistakes when we are young! It just makes the situation a little awkward. I'm focusing on the positive of having a really great teacher. She tries to interact with my son and that helps him want to stay at school. I'm looking forward to a good year!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

100th Post

Well, somehow it seems I missed post number 100 and have reached 102! However, I am still going to do my 100 things about me in honor of reaching and unknowingly passing my 100th post.

1. I live with my husband, daughter & son.
2. I am the youngest of two girls.
3. There is 6 1/2 years difference in age between me & my sister.
4. I gave birth to both of my kids with a midwife.
5. I love pregnancy and birth!
6. My favorite color is pink.
7. I love bags and purses.
8. I love cherry print clothes, bags and etc.
9. I love to eat at Olive Garden.
10. My husband is 3 months younger than I am.
11. I would be a shop-a-holic if I had more money.
12. I love to wear summer shoes.
13. I love every season except for winter.
14. I love to talk to people.
15. My kids are 26 months apart in age.
16. My dream job would be a Doula (professional labor assistant).
17. I have emetophobia.
18. I was excellent at reading and English in school.
19. I was horrible at both math and science.
20. I never had any relatives that lived in my home town other than my immediate family.
21. My Grandma has Alzheimer's disease.
22. My Grandpa is 81 years old and healthy as can be.
23. My mom was a stay at home mom.
24. My dad has always owned his own businesses and been his own boss.
25. I love to take naps.
26. I love to go to weddings.
27. I have naturally curly hair.
28. I love to vacation in Florida.
29. I love going to nice motels/hotels.
30. I like a variety of types of music.
31. I'm not very patient.
32. I snack when I'm bored.
33. I love ice cream in a freshly made waffle cone.
34. I do not ride amusement park rides.
35. I despise haunted houses and haunted attractions.
36. I love taking my kids to the pumpkin patch in the fall.
37. I love reading historical romance when I have time.
38. I would love to have a third baby if my husband wanted one.
39. I could never babysit other people's children.
40. I only have nephews.
41. I enjoy watching t.v.
42. I don't like air conditioning unless it's really hot or humid.
43. I'm almost always cold.
44. I love fleece blankets.
45. I love crawling into bed at night.
46. If we rent movies at home I'm pretty likely to fall asleep.
47. I require a lot of sleep.
48. I am not a night owl or a morning person.
49. I don't drink alcohol very often.
50. I have never been drunk.
51. I only wear one ring on each hand.
52. I am close to a lot of my husbands family.
53. I bowl on a league with my mom.
54. I am not very athletic.
55. I would love to go to Paris someday.
56. I don't enjoy flying, but I will.
57. I love tea, hot or cold, but is has to have sugar in it.
58. I love strawberry smoothies with whip cream.
59. I love Cool Whip. I will even eat it plain.
60. I don't like store bought birthday cake.
61. My house doesn't stay clean very long.
62. I don't like cleaning, but I do like organizing.
63. I love having a dishwasher.
64. When I was growing up I never had chores to do.
65. I try to always accept other peoples beliefs even if they are not my own.
66. I love to watch A Baby Story.
67. I had both of my kids without epidurals or pain medication.
68. I had an unplanned water birth with my son.
69. I am terrified of bees, crickets and grasshoppers.
70. I do not like to drive on the interstate.
71. I love the ocean.
72. Going to the doctor always makes me nervous.
73. I prefer female physicians.
74. I had dental surgery when I was 6 years old.
75. I honeymooned in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
76. My birthday and anniversary are both on the 31st of a month.
77. I love Christmas.
78. My husbands family always asks me to bring Taco Salad to family get togethers.
79. I make a delicious Butterscotch Snack Cake.
80. My mom & I have a special chocolate chip cookie recipe.
81. I always make my kids Knox Blocks jello to take to school.
82. I like to have flannel sheets on my bed in the winter.
83. Between Coke & Pepsi, I'm a Coke girl.
84. My wedding colors were periwinkle blue & yellow.
85. I wanted tulips at my wedding, but apparently they don't do well in July heat.
86. I like snapdragons.
87. I love the food we have at Thanksgiving.
88. I rarely ever buy things that aren't on sale.
89. I love Gymboree, but I can't afford it!
90. I work at a Children's Boutique.
91. I've mostly worked office jobs.
92. My husband owns his own business.
93. I love good portrait photography.
94. I try to always take my digital camera with me.
95. I try to scrapbook for my kids, but I'm about a year behind.
96. I buy and sell on Ebay.
97. I love reading blogs.
98. My hips are way bigger then my bust! LOL!
99. I love my husband!
100. I love my kids!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Top Momma

Hey! I just found out that I'm a Top Momma! Go there and give me a vote so I can stay on their main page. Very exciting!

Welcome Baby!

At 12:16 a.m. this morning we welcomed a new baby cousin into our family! She weighed 8lbs 7oz and was 20 inches long. She's doing great although her mom is a little sore. The baby has a sister that is going to be 3 in October. When she was born she was 7 weeks early and only weighed 4lbs. So this new baby is double the size that her little sister was. I'm very happy for our cousin because her labor was quick and fairly easy. She was able to have natural childbirth and a good experience. Her last birth was induced due to severe pre-eclampsia and she had an awful time. I'm hoping to go see them tonight after work!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

County Fair Ends Drought

The County Fair has officially ended the drought that we've been experiencing. Everyone has been excited about going to the fair and it's various activities and now for two days straight it has poured rain. I can count on one hand the number of times we've had rain this summer, thus leaving us with a drought. Now it's raining like crazy with more to come! It's great to have the rain, but sad when the kids have been looking forward to this all summer. The whole town is saying "leave it to the fair to bring the rain." This won't be the first time that it's basically been a wash out. Oh well! At this rate we're taking a boat there!

Friday, August 17, 2007

~Off to the Fair~

We are off to the fair! Our county fair starts today and my daughter has been counting down. She loves the games, food and a few of the rides. My son on the other hand loves the rides, food and some of the games. LOL! My husband was able to get a booth for his new business at the last minute. He's really excited about the opportunity to have thousands of people exposed to his business name. My mother-in-law also has a spot for her business and is heading up our Little Miss & Mister pageant. I've been helping her with that, so we've all been super busy.

My poor sister-in-law got a couple of hair line fractures in her foot a couple of weeks ago, so she's not going to get to do much at the fair. She's 12 years old, so it's definitely a disappointment for her.

I got my son's preschool packet in the mail yesterday. He'll have a brand new teacher this year.

We go on Monday to find out who my daughter will have for a Kindergarten teacher. I really don't know most of them though. All my grade school teachers have pretty much retired. That makes me feel pretty old! Speaking of school and getting old - my class reunion is tomorrow! I can't wait to see all my old friends.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Surprise for the Kids

My husband has been so busy this summer! He started his own business in May and he's working 6 days a week-plus some. We haven't had as much together time as a family as we would all like so he decided to give the kids a little surprise on Saturday. When he got off work we left home to go for about an hour drive. My husband also had to get fitted for a tux, so we just told the kids that we were going out of town for that. After the tux fitting the kids were hungry and kept asking their Dad if we could get something to eat. Well this is were he surprised them by pulling into Chuck E. Cheese! Our 3 year old son doesn't ever remember being there, but he knows who Chuck E. Cheese is because we buy their brand of snack cheese. So, he was totally amazed to see that there was a real place with Chuck E.'s face on it. My daughter was so happy as well. I think she told her Dad thank you about 20 times throughout the evening. It was honestly a lot of fun for all of us. I was just a little nervous because I think those type of places are so germy! That's O.K. though. It was worth it because it made the kids so happy. My husband definitely earned the super Dad award for volunteering to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Heat Wave

There is a heat wave here in the great Midwest. Just a couple of weeks ago we were having unusually cool weather and now it's been in the mid to upper 90's for about a week and it's supposed to continue for another week at least.
Here where I live we are preparing for our County Fair to start next week. We all hope that the heat will disappear before then! My daughter is counting the days until the fair starts. She loves everything about it. We have one of the biggest county fairs in our state. This will be the first year in many that my husband isn't competing in the Demolition Derby. Since he started his own business in May he hasn't had the time or money for this hobby of his.
We are also counting down until school starts. My daughter will be riding the school bus to Kindergarten this year. I asked her the other day if I was allowed to cry on her first day of school and she told me no! I don't know where the last 5 1/2 years have gone. It's also a terrible year for her to start school. Our local school system is in a major transition period because of failed school levies. They shut down two buildings and integrated all grades into the same buildings rather than by where you live. It's a real mess and there is a lot of controversy going on. I'm hoping things clear up before next year or we may have to consider some schooling changes.
I hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

How We Met

In honor of my Anniversary this week I thought I would tell a brief story of how we met.

My sophomore year of high school I met a guy. He was good looking, charming and had a great family. We dated for two years and had a lot of ups and downs. I met a whole new group of people by dating him. It was funny because he was a very controlling person and most of his friends liked him, but didn't like the way he treated me. Anyway, one of his friends and I became pretty good friends. When my high school sweetheart and I broke up (right before my senior year) this friend of his had just started dating someone and it was pretty serious. So, I started dating a whole string of guys and my friend would tell me why each of them was totally wrong for me.
Towards spring of that next year I told this guy friend of mine that I had feelings for him that were more than just friendship. It turns out that he felt the same way. It took him a while to break it off gently with his girlfriend. They had been dating for about 9 months and she had already bought a prom dress with plans to go with him. So, he took her to prom and I went with his cousin (as friends). The day after prom we started officially dating. Of course this "friend" is the guy I ended up marrying! We were together for a year before we became engaged and then we were together another year before we got married.
I'm so thankful that I met him! You never know what road will lead you to the person you're meant to be with.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Please go to this blog and read about Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This blogger is a mom and she has personally been affected by this disease. She wants us to pass the word around so that women are aware of the symptoms of this deadly form of Cancer!


This week my husband and I will celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that 8 years have come and gone since our wedding day. We were 19 & 20 years old when we got married and a lot of people thought we would never make it. I'm not saying we've made it to our 50th, but I'm still pretty proud of having reached 8 years. We've seen several other couples marry and divorce, so we're happy to say that we're still together.

We had some challenges getting to the wedding. Two weeks before we were to be married I received a call from the church saying that the ceiling had started to give way and we weren't going to be able to have our wedding there. So we had to scramble to find another location and notify all of our guests of the change.

My mother-in-law and I were having it out over my sister-in-law. She was singing in the wedding, so I didn't have her as a bridesmaid. My mother-in-law wanted her to walk down the aisle no matter what and I simply refused. She was singing and that to me was more important than any walk down the aisle. My wedding coordinator (thank God for her!) had to confront my mother-in-law on the wedding day to clear up that my sister-in-law would be up front to sing and that she wasn't making a grand entrance down the aisle!

The actual ceremony was beautiful and went off without a hitch. Then we came to the reception. We had just finished eating when a big storm blew up and knocked out all the power. The DJ had no way to play music, there was no air conditioning in July and no lights in a building with no windows. My husband had to leave his own reception to return with a generator and a stereo system as the DJ wouldn't hook his equipment to a generator. So we now had music, but no lights and no air. Tons of people left early! When it came time to throw my bouquet I threw it high and hard. It landed directly in the punch bowl. I definitely wasn't laughing by this time!

The power came back on right as we were leaving for our honeymoon. As we were driving south for our honeymoon trip it started pooring rain and when we approached a bridge our car suddenly lost all power. My husband steered us into the only available place after the bridge which was a liquor store. He locked me in the car and started to walk for help when he saw a truck of drunk men pull into the store and decided to come back for me. We were able to coast the car down a hill into a motel where we found a police officer. The police officer only had one hand and a hook on the other. I AM NOT KIDDING! I started crying and saying that I was going to call my mom to come and get me! This was not what I had imagined. A tow truck came to our rescue. The guys towed us to their 24 hour shop and took a part off of their boss' car to be able to fix ours and get us on our way. These two tow truck/mechanics were our angels that night! You should have seen me, in tears, wearing a white outfit, hair all done up and sitting in a greasy shop at 1:00 a.m. in the morning! After our two guardian angels sent us on our way we had a fabulous honeymoon.

We always say that perhaps a bad wedding means a good marriage!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

28 Week Twins

UPDATED - I just found out that Baby A is 2lbs 11oz and 15" long, she already has had her breathing tube removed. Baby B is 2lbs 9 1/2oz and 15" long, they are planning on removing her breathing tube yet this afternoon. Their mom did have steroids prior to them being born because she was hospitalized last week when they thought one of the babies water had broken already. So, so far so good! I hope that they both continue to do well!
My husbands cousin gave birth yesterday to twin girls at 28 weeks pregnant. When my husband spoke to the daddy last night he said that so far the babies looked good. I haven't heard anything more today and I want to know how they are so bad! The problem is that they live 13 hours away from here and I always talk directly to the little girls' mommy and she's in the hospital! I'm worried about the babies. My sister had a 33 week preemie and he appeared to be fine right after birth, but complications arose a little later. He's fine now, but you just never know. I don't know the babies names or anything yet. Getting information from men and through men is never as detailed as I would like it to be! Anyway, say a little prayer for the girls if you pray and I'll keep everyone posted.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Old Friend

I got together a week or so ago with an old friend of mine from school. She is the only girl friend that I've kept in touch with over the years. We both always laughed about how we mostly had guy friends and we could only stand each other as far as female friends went. Even now we're each others only close girl friends and we have totally different lives.
I work part time and have two kids. My family is my life and everything pretty much revolves around it. She works full time, has no kids and just recently got divorced. Her life with her ex-husband kind of fell apart when she had a miscarriage last fall. It had taken them 7 years to decide to have a family and then their first attempt failed. It was kind of the final straw in what had been a rocky relationship.
She now has a new man in her life that is the total opposite of her ex. I was really shocked by him when I met him. My friend was always the dominant type and hated that I dated guys who were a little controlling. Now she is with a man who is controlling with a capital C. I didn't say anything though, because I would never want to hurt our friendship. She is already talking about marriage to him. I worry about her and want her to find some happiness! I know she wants a family really bad and I think that's why she wants to hurry up and settle down.
One thing I love about her is that we can be apart for a long time and when we get together we are right where we left off. That's one way I know that I have a true friend in her!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

From 5 1/2 years ago!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Surprise Day Off

Yesterday I got a surprise day off work. I was supposed to work, but then got a call saying that I didn't need to come in. I was a little disappointed at first about losing my hours, but that didn't last too long. I loaded up the kids and off we went to enjoy our day! We got lunch from McDonald's and took our food to the park. The kids ate, played and we all took some fun pictures of each other. I showed the kids the swinging bridge and they both thought it was really neat. Then we left the park and got some ice cream. It was a beautiful day for all of us!

Friday, July 13, 2007


I absolutely love photography that is centered around maternity and newborns. I think that those are the most beautiful and priceless photos. I wish I would have done pregnancy pictures, but I didn't. I also didn't get any newborn professional photos done either, with the exception of the traditional hospital photos. I would love to do this type of photography myself, but I live in a small town and I doubt it would get much support. People here would much rather just go to the Wal-Mart Portrait Studio where it's so much cheaper. Anyway, if anyone else enjoys photography I found the most awesome website! It is I guarantee you will enjoy your visit.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

At Work - Kids in Tow

My kids are at work with me today. My babysitter forgot to remind me from two months ago that she would be off today. My mom had to be somewhere else and two other family members who could usually fill in are out of town. So, I brought the kids to work with me. We have had two milk spills already! Thankfully there is a pizza delivery on it's way to save the day! The kids already got bored with coloring books, Tow Mater from cars and the movie they decided to bring. I will be so glad when we can go home and they can terrorize each other from there.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blog Community

I enjoy the blogging community so much! It's amazing how you begin to think about and care about the people that you meet through the computer. There are certain people whose stories I go to and check in on how they are doing; moms that have cancer, moms who have lost children and moms just going through the same little things that I do. I feel for each and every person who is facing a hard time. I also realize how much I need to appreciate my life and it's circumstances. I also enjoy reading about the people that just have ordinary lives like I do. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and to those that allow me to share a little portion of their day and blog as well!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Sad Reminder

We live in a smaller town and just yesterday someone from here was killed in a construction accident. It was a sad reminder that none of us, no matter how young or old, are promised tomorrow. This man was young and had young kids. My own husband worked in construction with him in the past. Thankfully my husband is now working a different type of job. I can't imagine receiving a phone call that my husband had been killed at work. You send them off each day feeling confident that you'll see them that evening, but sometimes in life things change. I am reminded today to always be sure that my kids and husband know that I love them.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Someday When. . .

I've decided that someday when I'm rich I am going to have a vacation home! We went away this weekend to a lake house that belongs to our aunt's family. It was so nice! They have these fabulous windows that face the lake and a dock for their boat. It was a great way to spend time on the water. I don't care where my house is as long as it's near a body of water and lots of sunshine. My dream has always been a house by the ocean. I can just imagine having a bedroom window that opens to the sound of the waves. I would settle for a lake though! LOL! Anyway, I just know that if I ever have the option I'm definitely buying a place for weekend getaways. :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Lake Bound

I think we might be heading to the lake this weekend. My husband and I both work on Saturday, but I think when we get off we might go to the lake and watch the fireworks. Our Aunt's family has a cabin there and they've invited us to camp out there with them on Saturday night. We thought it would be a lot of fun for the kids and we could then spend Sunday at the lake as well.

The kids are going to another Bible School next week. This one is called Lift Off and is a hot air balloon theme. On Sunday evening the church is having hot air balloon rides in the park. We're hoping to be back from the lake so the kids can participate in that too. So, it could be a busy weekend!

This is definitely one of the reasons that summer is such a great time of year!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

I know that some of you may have read my posts about my Grandma having Alzheimer's Disease. This year my sister & I have formed a team to walk in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk to raise funds for Alzheimer's research. If anyone is interested in donating I have placed a link here to my donation page.
It is very difficult to see someone you love going through this disease. My children have never really gotten to know the Grandma that I knew and loved as a child. She always loved kids and would have truly enjoyed her great-grand kids.
My Grandma was also always highly involved in her church. Her and my Grandpa were part of starting a bus ministry that brought kids to church who didn't have any other way of getting there. She was dedicated to being a Sunday School teacher and Women's Ministry leader.
It is in her honor that my sister and I walk and also in the hopes that other families will someday not have to face losing a loved one to this horrible disease!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Avalanche Ranch

My kids just finished up a week of Bible school. This year the theme where they attended was Avalanche Ranch. It was right up their alley because their grandparents have horses and they love that kind of stuff. My daughter loves to go because she gets to be with her cousin. It was the first year that my son went because he just turned 3 in February. He had a great time and already asked me if he was going there tonight. I'm glad my kids get to go and that they enjoy it! It was also a nice time to have some time to myself. Sunday evening I spent quality time with my husband, Monday evening I went to my mom's house and used her tanning bed, Tuesday night I had a ladies night out with my bowling team gals, and last night my mom and I took a very quick shopping trip. I believe I hit 5 stores at the mall in just 45 minutes! My legs were sore today from walking so fast! LOL!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Importance of Teeth

Yesterday my daughter had dental surgery done. She is 5 years old and already had to have extensive dental work. We have always brushed her teeth and done what we thought we should, but do to her teeth being tight together and etc. it wasn't enough. We were told that we should have been flossing them all along. Now she had fillings and caps on some of her teeth and due to all the work they did they had to put her to sleep. She had a really hard time coming around and getting awake which was a little worrisome, and I'm really upset that they had to cap some of her teeth. I feel like it's all my fault! Plus, I'm afraid she'll get teased about the silver caps they put on her teeth. It made me really sad when I saw what they had done to her mouth. I never realized the importance of flossing on a child that young. :(

Monday, June 25, 2007

Thanks for the support!

I want to say thank you to everyone who e-mailed me about my last post. It's nice to have support and encouragement!

I am a person who has always felt drawn to pregnancy and childbirth. Even before I had my own babies I thought about becoming a doula to help other women who were expecting. Then I became pregnant and learned even more. Pregnancy for me was a wonderful time. I felt healthier while carrying my babies. I had a midwife who treated me like I was her best friend and only patient. My first birth was picture perfect! My second birth was rough, but I still walked away feeling amazed at how my body worked to grow this precious life. My son was an unplanned water birth and that brought me to the realization of how wonderful the water can be!

I don't know if I could ever explain exactly how I feel about being pregnant. When I had my first child and came home from the hospital I cried because I missed being pregnant. Don't get me wrong I loved my new baby, but I felt a tiny bit of sadness as well. All the nights of rubbing my belly with lotion were over. I would also miss feeling her kicks and having that special connection just between us. I once read a poem about the last night you're pregnant and it was awesome! It was all about cherishing those last moments with your child before it joins the world.

I just love everything about starting a new life! As most of you know, there is nothing like a newborn baby and what they bring to you. Of course my two children bring me joy as well and I am so thankful for them!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thinking - Wanting

Do any of you who are done having children ever think that you want another child? I feel so often that I want a third baby. My husband is totally against another pregnancy. He says that we have a daughter and a son, both who arrived healthy, what more could we ask for? I guess because my little one is 3 years old and no longer a baby I am feeling like I want another one. I was always open to possibly having three children and at one time my husband was as well. He just feels that financially we can't afford any more. He wants to give his current family all that he can without adding anything else. I had two wonderful pregnancies and can't imagine never experiencing all that again. I will of course respect what my husband wants, but there are days when it is difficult. I mention a third baby every once in a while just in case he changes his mind, but personally I would want one soon or not at all. I think the age difference is rapidly approaching being too much! I guess I'm really just thinking out loud. I know that someone out there is probably facing similar feelings. It's nice to know that you're not alone in your thoughts.

Friday, June 22, 2007

July 4th Giveaway at 5 Minutes for Mom

Those fabulous ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom are gearing up for the 4th of July with tons of contests! Check out the button on the side of my blog, it will take you straight to all the action. Make sure you leave a comment everytime you see a contest that you would like to enter. That's how you might possibly win!


My daughter was looking forward to going to a Daisy Girl Scout meeting last night. The girls were going to meet at the park, make some crafts and deliver them to the nursing home. Well, when I picked her up at the baby sitter's house she mentioned that my daughter had been kind of laying around all afternoon. I immediately felt her head and it was burning up! I was a little mad that my sitter didn't check her head if she was just laying around, totally not like my daughter. When we got home her temp was 101.3 by underarm measurement's. She had no other symptoms really, just tired and feverish. I almost gave her Motrin when I suddenly remembered she's scheduled for outpatient dental surgery next Wednesday and you can't have Motrin for 2 weeks before surgery! Close call on my part! So, she had Tylenol every four hours until we went to bed. I checked her at 5:30 this morning and her temp was 102.2! Yikes! More Tylenol and when she woke up around 10:00 the fever seemed to have disappeared. I have no idea what was going on, but it does seem like the fever lasted just long enough to ruin her evening.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This morning my little boy decided that he really wanted to go with Grandpa on his big semi. The problem is Grandpa was miles away and a semi isn't exactly the place for a 3 year old. I let him call his Grandpa and upon hanging up he asked me if Grandpa would be there to get him in a minute. It's so hard for him to understand that he can't go or that even if he could Grandpa couldn't be back to pick him up that quick. He cried all the way to the babysitters house and then once we got there he settled down until I had to leave and he started crying again. Poor kid was definitely having a rough morning. Before he ever opened his eyes I heard him crying and when I went in his room he was crying for popcorn. He must have had some interesting dreams to be crying about popcorn and going on Grandpa's truck! I asked him if he would miss me if he was on the truck for a week and he said "I'm not crying about you!" It was too funny. I'm hoping that by the time I pick him up this afternoon he'll have forgotten about his current bright idea!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Early Father's Day!

I don't know that I'll be on my blog over the weekend, so I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there. My husband is a great dad, and my son especially thinks he's #1. I have grown to appreciate my Dad a lot more now that I'm grown up. We actually get along better now that we're both adults. I enjoy a good debate with my Dad because we don't always see eye to eye, but I can express my opinions now that I don't live at home! Lol! My mom's dad passed away when she was just a little girl and I know that Father's Day always makes her miss the dad that she never got to have. We also celebrate my husband's step-dad. He is a great guy and is a really good Grandpa to my kids. So, enjoy all the Father's in your life!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good Weekend

It was a really nice, but busy weekend. On Saturday my daughter had dance recital practice and then afterwards just her and I went to Bob Evan's and ate breakfast. We really enjoyed that special time, just us girls. After that we went to Wal-Mart and did some shopping for her aunt's birthday that was Sunday. We went home and laid down to take a nap together, but mine kept getting disturbed by the phone and doorbell!
That night my husband and I actually had a date! We went to Lowe's to pick something up and then we ate at the Olive Garden. It is one of our favorite places! I even enjoyed a new drink there called a Tuscan Breeze. Yum!
Sunday was another dance practice and then a cookout for my 12 year old sister-in-law's birthday. We enjoyed visiting with the family and the weather was great. It was sunny and warm, with a breeze, so it wasn't hot. Very nice.
I don't mind being busy when I enjoy the things I'm doing. I just love summer!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Gearing Up

Here at Mom Tu-Tu we are gearing up for the big dance review week. Starting tomorrow my daughter, age 5 1/2, will have practice very night but Monday which is picture night. Then Thursday, Friday and Saturday she will get to perform on stage. Last year she loved it all! She has been asking for a year when she could be on stage again. She also told her babysitter that she should come and watch her because she wants to dance for lots of people that she knows. She loves to be in the spotlight! She is actually doing two dances this year instead of just one. I can't wait to see her up there on the stage. Last year I got tears in my eyes because I was so proud of her. It's also fun for me because she takes dance from the same teacher I took lessons from for 12 years of my childhood. We've come full circle! I think in a year or two we are going to take the mother/daughter class that is offered. I can't wait!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

E Coli

********We just found out that it was simply a case of a contaminated urine sample. Thank God!*****************
I just found out that my sisters new baby has to go back to the doctor again. They did a urine test when he was at the hospital for jaundice and it came back positive for E Coli. They don't know anything yet about what this means for the baby, but my sister is really down. First the jaundice, then her older son being sick and now the baby having some type of E Coli infection. The poor girl! I know what it's like to feel like you're on a downward slide with the kids. I've definitely had moments with my own family! I sure hope things start looking up for her and her family soon.

Reading Girl

My 5 1/2 year old daughter who just finished preschool has managed to teach herself how to read. I know they didn't teach it to them at preschool, and she can already read books that are for early readers. She has always seemed smart to me and self taught herself many things. I can remember when she was around two and my mom wore a triangle shaped diamond necklace, all of a sudden she pointed to it and said triangle. We didn't even know that she knew her shapes! It took her a little while to talk, I think she was 18 months old before she ever said much, but once she did, she amazed us. I sometimes wonder if I only think she's smart because she's my daughter, but strangers comment on her verbal skills. She has totally adult conversations and uses big words. Just yesterday she told me that she sometimes adds words to the stories in books to make them more convincing. I hope that once she gets in Kindergarten this fall I'll have a better idea of if she really is ahead of the game. It always makes you wonder if you have a child that will excel or if it's all in the eye of the parent! :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Daddy's Boy

My son has really been a daddy's boy here lately. This morning before he ever opened his eyes he said "where's my daddy." My husband is busy starting a business and my son wants to be out there all the time. The business involves heavy equipment and tools which every 3 year old little boy would love! I had to let him call his dad this morning because he was so upset that he wasn't home. When they got done talking I asked him what daddy said, and he said "I don't want to talk about it." It was too funny! I have a daughter, but she was never really a daddy's girl. It's interesting to see this little guy and he's closeness with his dad. It's a pretty special relationship and I love to see that. My husband is far from being close to his dad, so it's nice to see him have a bond with his own son.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Franklin Contest

Those fabulous ladies at 5 minutes for mom are now hosting a Franklin the Turtle video contest. Go on over and sign up!

The Week in Review

What a week! Monday was Memorial Day and we had a fish fry at my parents house. Tuesday I worked and then spent the evening at the hospital with my sister who was having her baby. Wednesday I worked again, and then went to my husbands shop where he is starting a new business and did computer work for him until 10:30 p.m. Yesterday I worked (you see a pattern here because my sister & I work alternating days at my mom's store and now that she's had a baby I'm full time for the next six weeks.) It was also my birthday yesterday so we went out to dinner with my parents and then had dessert at my dad's restaurant. Today I'm working and then as soon as I get off work my daughter has her dance class. Being a full time working mom is more than I could have ever imagined!

My sister called my mom to report that her June is off to a lousy start. The new baby is 1 point away from being jaundiced and having to be under the lights. Her older son (age 4) starting vomiting this morning on the way to the newborns doctors appointment. Now she needs to keep herself and the baby away from him, which is so hard for a 4 year old to understand. Little HWF has to be at Children's hospital in the morning to have his blood level tested again. I sure hope things start looking up for her soon.

My husband is really frustrated because he was supposed to open his new business today and there was a major roadblock that just appeared in his plan yesterday afternoon.

Let's hope that June doesn't become another nightmare month like April was! May was rather nice even though it was busy for us. Any month without a lot of sickness is a good one for me!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Nephew

My new nephew has arrived! Baby HWF arrived last night at 12:04 a.m. My sister happily made it to 38 weeks exactly after her prior baby being a preemie. He weighed 6lbs 15 oz which shocked us all as she had gestational diabetes and we were expecting a big baby! He was 19 5/8" long and has reddish colored hair. I couldn't believe when I saw him how much he looked like his big brother. I'm not sure I've ever seen a baby born that looked so much like another sibling. I was at the hospital when he was born, but didn't actually get to witness his birth. My sister decided at that end that she needed some privacy, which was fine with me and my mom who was also there. They broke her water and in about 1 1/2 hours the little guy was born. She went so fast! There were three nurses all telling her not to push while we waited for the doctor to arrive. My mom and I saw the doctor sprinting down the hall with her purse and doctors coat in hand. I think the baby was born 4 minutes after she walked in the room. It was definitely exciting and nerve wracking! Both my sister and the little guy are doing great! I can't wait to see him again.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tu-Tu Contest

5 Minutes for Mom is once again offering the perfect contest for Mom Tu-Tu and all their other readers as well! LOL! They are giving away a gorgeous Tu-Tu from Check it out and sign up to win!

Tagged Again!

I've been tagged again. This time by Mandalyn at
Link to name of person that tagged you.
Include state and country you live in.
List top five favorite local restaurants.
Tag 5 other people and let them know they've been tagged.
I live in Ohio in the USA.
1. My favorite place is The Grub Steak. It is a restaurant that serves fabulous bbq ribs on a stick. They come out on wood skewers and are all meat. They are so much better than ribs on the bone!
2. I also love the Olive Garden. This is definitely the place my hubby and I always go on our date night, when we get one!
3. If I'm going to have breakfast then I like to go to Bob Evans. There is nothing like the sausage gravy and biscuits that they serve there. They also have one of the best glasses of iced tea.
4. If I'm going to have a sub it's got to be Penn-Station subs. They make these great hot subs and home made french fries. The bad thing is that I have to drive about a half hour to eat at one.
5. Last, but not least I'll mention my favorite fast food place, Wendy's. They also have a great ice tea!
I'm going to pass on tagging anybody in particular. If you read and want to join in, just post a comment so we all know!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Motherhood Can Bring You to Tears

It's funny how being a mom can bring you to tears sometimes. When I went to see my daughter graduate from preschool yesterday I suddenly found myself teary eyed. I'm not really even sure why. She was up there on stage in a little cap & sash singing her song and the tears suddenly appeared. Perhaps it was the realization that my first born is about to be in Kindergarten. Maybe it's because I now realize that this little child of mine has a life outside of my own. When I dropped her off at preschool all those mornings she went on without me and formed friendships and did her own thing. It could be because I was so proud of her standing there smiling and singing her little heart out.

I know that last year at this time I saw her perform in her first dance recital. That too surprised me when I first saw her on stage and tears appeared. I could not believe that my little baby girl was dancing on stage and doing such a good job. Apparently motherhood can bring you to tears!

I know there are times when we cry for them in sadness or madness, but these happy tears are often the most unexpected. As a mother, things will suddenly move me and make my heart overflow! It's amazing and it makes me realize what being a mother is all about.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I have received the official report from my sister. She is just two days away from being 37 weeks pregnant and is 3cm dilated. Woohoo! She took her last 17P injection on Tuesday of last week and is hoping to go a little early because of her gestational diabetes. I tried to tell her not to be too excited because I once knew a girl who was 4cm dilated for like a month. Needless to say, that was not the right story to tell a pregnant woman. It's now just a matter of time until I have another nephew! My birthday is just ten days away and my sister is hoping he'll come before that. We have an interesting way of having babies around holidays in our family, so perhaps this little guy will come for Memorial Day!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Check it out

Check out my new graphic I found! I was so excited when I stumbled across this graphic. It looks like a woman who could be a mom and she's wearing a PINK tu-tu! I couldn't be happier to have this picture representing Mom Tu-Tu. I bet you can feel my big smile over this wonderful find!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I always think it's interesting that 55 degrees in December would feel like a spring day, but 55 degrees in May feels like it's winter again! We've had a cold front move in here along with rain and I'm freezing! I sometimes wonder why I live in Ohio. It's high on unemployment and low on nice weather. LOL. Oh well, I guess if you're born somewhere and have family there you just settle in and stay. There are times I think living in Florida, Texas or Arizona would be really nice. Hawaii would be really nice too, but definitely out of my price range. :)

My kids had a field trip with their preschool yesterday. They went to the bowling alley and they sure did enjoy it. It's so funny to watch 3, 4 and 5 year olds try to bowl. They were also supposed to go to the park, but see above on the weather and you'll know why that was cancelled. Next Wednesday my daughter has her preschool graduation. This year has passed by so quickly!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!! I just want all of the mom's and grandma's that read my blog to know that I wish them a great day on Sunday. It's always nice to have a day where you feel appreciated. If you're not a mom then make sure to tell the special women in your life Happy Mother's Day. Their are definitely women out there that are mother's without having ever given birth or even adopted children. I had a babysitter when I was little that was like a grandma to me and I would definitely wish her a Happy Mother's Day if she was still here with us. Enjoy your special day, everyone!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My First Game of Tag!

Well, I've been tagged by Cindy at to do the 8 Random Things meme. This is the first time thats ever happened to me. Here are the rules I found over at Cindy's place.

Here are the rules:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment and tell them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

Random Things about me:

1. I have emetophobia.
2. I love, love, love the color pink.
3. My favorite place to vacation is Florida.
4. My parents, my in-laws and my husband each own their own business.
5. If I had the money I would get a massage once a week.
6. I love to take naps!
7. I love sunny summer days.
8. I love to talk to people whether I know them or not.


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Friday, May 04, 2007

Pink Pampered Chef

I just thought I would let anybody stopping by my blog know that in the month of May The Pampered Chef offers some really cute pink products to support Breast Cancer research. I'm not a consultant, but I know you can by from the website, or from your own Pampered Chef consultant. The products are good quality and really cute! Plus, what could be a better cause then helping research a disease that effects so many women. I found a lump in my breast last year at this time and it was really scary! It ended up being nothing but a fibroid tumor, but when first feel a lump you always wonder if it could be Cancer. I've had a lot of women in my family have it and other women that I simply know as friends. So if you're in the need of something pink for your kitchen it's a great time to buy!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It's finally May! I just barely survived April. LOL! It was quite a month starting with sickness, then surgery and a hospital visit, two birthday parties, my husband quitting his job to start his own business, my sister having premature labor contractions, my parents new restaurant openening and anything else I might have forgotten! It's good to see a new month roll around, especially when the first two days have been filled with sunshine. This month could bring me a new nephew. I also celebrate my own birthday at the very end of May, and of course who could forget Mother's Day. There is nothing better than saying thank you to the mother's and grandmother's who mean so much! That also reminds me that my Grandma has a birthday this month. She is turning 79 and is still the most feisty lady I know! Everytime I get a Maxine cartoon in my e-mail I think of my Grandma and have to smile. Let's all hope that we get to enjoy the month!

Monday, April 30, 2007


I just love a day filled with sunshine. Nothing is better than waking up to a pretty spring day. When the kids and I left the house this morning we didn't even need a jacket. I'm always saying that if I could find a state that was about 76 degrees year round I would move in a second. Of course it would have to be sunny too, warmth and rain doesn't do me any good!

Yesterday was my Grandpa's birthday. He turned 81 years old. I can't believe what a healthy person he is for his age. He still mows his own grass and he also takes care of my Grandma who has Alzheimer's Disease. Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Great Contest!

I hope nobody minds all these great contests that I post. I just always love to share an opportunity to win something great! Here is a contest to win some pretty hair clips for your little girl! Below I've included the link to the great company sponsoring this contest.

Wonder Walk

Last week my daughter's preschool participated in the Wonder Walk for the March of Dimes. My daughter raised $50 for Premature Babies. This is a very special cause to us because my nephew was born 7 weeks premature just a little over 4 years ago. Now my sister is expecting her second son and is doing 17P injections to help prevent another preemie. So far she has just reached the mark at which her son was born. We're hoping for at least 37-38 weeks, but not too much more because she has developed Gestational Diabetes. She doesn't want to have such a big baby that they decide to do a C-section. People around the country are doing Walk America today also for the March of Dimes. Let's always remember the Premature babies and do what we can to help out!