Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Poor Hubby

I'm at work right now and my poor hubby just called to say that if one more spill happens he's going to lose it. I guess the 2-year old boy dumped the entire gallon jug of milk on the floor and then at some point the 4-year old girl dumped her large glass of chocolate milk on the floor by the computer. I have to smile because I can so relate! I only work part-time so I'm usually the one dealing with the large frustrating spills and such that occur often at our home. I guess I can take it better because I'm so used to it. He told me once that if I could get a job that would support the family he would stay home with the kids, but I think he may change his mind after these Saturday babysitting gigs!


J's Girlfriend said...

I guess he's realising what those 'keep out of the reach of children' warning labels mean ;o)

Bristolcare said...

Its so good for them (Hubbys)to be in charge every once in a while. Keeps them

Sara said...

Sounds like my husband. He gets so freaked out over the simplest, most common parenting things. For example, did he really think the baby wasn't going to create a huge mess of her dinner?