Friday, May 12, 2006

New Nephew

I'm a terrible blogger! I haven't updated in over a month. I guess that's partly because I know that very few people ever read my blog. The only traffic I get is from Blog Explosion.
Anyhow - my new nephew arrived on April 18th! He was an adorable little baby - only 5lbs, 8oz. He had a head of dark hair though which totally shocked me. I was at the hospital with my sister-in-law all day until it was time to push. The nurse then promptly kicked me to the curb! It was such a special day for me! I've never been with anyone while they labored and I've always dreamed of being a doula someday. My mil and I both were helping her through the labor while by bil looked a bit lost and grossed out. I will never forget that day!
The new baby is doing great and growing so fast! Him and his momma had thrush last week, but they are on the mend and feeling better already.
In other news my family is headed to Disney World. I'm excited, but nervous about the flight as I have this great phobia called emetophobia. It makes life just a tad bit more difficult! HA!
So for those few people that do read my blog. You now have an update and hopefully will hear from me again after my vacation! Sunshine here I come!

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SlushTurtle said...

Congrats on your new nephew- and I don't come from Blog Explosion, so ha! =)