Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Case of the Boring's

My daughter who is 4 has caught a case of the boring's. Yes, everything in her life is boring. She had dance class last night and decided that it's hard and of course boring. Her favorite place to go is my parent's house, but according to my mom, the last time she was there she declared it to be boring! I have no idea how we will ever entertain this child when at 4 she's already decided that life is boring. My husband finally set down the rule that she can only say something is boring twice a day.

She however is not boring! Life is always interesting with her around. Last night in the car she announced that whenever her babysitter burps or farts she blames it on the kids. HA! My husband and I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time. Wouldn't the babysitter appreciate that story?!

Now enough of my boring blog entry! :)

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Mammal_Mama said...

Boredom is actually a positive thing, if we don't rush to anesthetize it with stuff like tv/video games. Boredom tells the sufferer, "Enough of the same old stuff." Kids who are allowed to wriggle around for a while will eventually find their own way out of the boredom box -- and each time they succeed at this, it makes them more positive and confident about dealing with it the next time it hits.

My oldest is six; after she passes through a "boredom" phase, we both end up with new interests and a new joy in life and one another. I get some criticism (from my oldest and from others) for not providing a more entertaining life for my kids, but I'll brave any amount of criticism for the thrill of seeing them grow in creativity, resourcefulness, and the faith that they can tackle anything.