Friday, August 04, 2006

Anniversary Weekend

My husband and I just came back this week from a weekend anniversary trip. It was so nice! This is the first long trip we've ever had without our kids. 5 days/4 nights and it was a great time! We went to Virginia Beach to stay with our cousins. We went to the beach, shopping and of course had breakfast at our favorite place IHOP! The only thing we did decide to do differently next time was to not stay with someone with kids when we didn't being ours. It would have been nice to not deal with ANY kids on the trip, but at least we weren't solely responsible for them like we would have been ours.

The trip was all my husbands idea and it was such a great one! It was an 11 hour car trip which gave us a lot of time to just talk and enjoy each others company. The breakfast we shared together was super nice too. Nobody else with us, no need to rush anywhere, very nice.

Now this weekend I'm going with my mom, my kids, my sister and my nephew to a family reunion. It's a three hour trip and maybe longer with three kids in tow! I'm sure it will be fun though. We don't get to see that side of the family too often. It's only three hours away, but we just don't make the trip as much as we should.

Summer is almost over. It's sad and I can't believe how fast it's leaving us.

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