Friday, February 16, 2007

Enough Snow!

I've definitely had enough snow this week! We have had 12 inches of snow fall this week and they are calling for another one to two inches tomorrow. Enough already! We had such a mild winter up until now. I guess we're paying for it. My husband plows snow, so he loves it, the white stuff means green stuff to him! I don't like it because while he's out plowing I'm stuck in the house. I did manage to get a lot of cleaning done which I guess is a good thing, although it's pretty boring. My son turns 3 years old next week. I can't believe my BABY is growing up so fast. He's turning into a little boy and it makes me so sad. There are no more diapers or bottles at our house. We're even thinking about getting him a big boy bed to replace his toddler bed. Where does all the baby time go?

1 comment:

A "Mother of Two" said...

I must be getting old because I do not like snow anymore! I don't excited about - I hear snow and all I can think about is all the work that it causes! Ugh! Only when my kids are playing in it with such glee do I get some of "magic of snow" back - but only briefly!

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I also read your entry about your 3 year old boy - he sounds wonderful! Enjoy.