Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Mom!

It really makes me a happy mom when people outside of the family compliment my kids! When my daughter started preschool I got a note sent home on the first day that said she was a very polite and enjoyable little girl. I was so proud of her! On Monday my son graduated from the Early Intervention program through Help Me Grow and joined the "real" preschool. When I arrived to take him home the teacher's aide was waiting at the door to tell me what a pleasant little boy I had. They said they really enjoyed having him there. Yeah! Two kids that I got compliments on when they started preschool. It makes me feel like I must have done something right. They aren't always angels at home, but at least they know when and where to behave. :) I'm a happy mom!

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rindy said...

great post! as they get older, it gets even better when you hear from others the good things your kids do...helps through the tough days at home (as all teens will have) and reinforces they are on the right track!! keep it up!!

Actually stopped by for the party but loved this so much just had to comment here! Stop on by...I love visitors!