Thursday, March 01, 2007

Goodbye February

February is now officially over. The month started out with lots and lots of snow! My husband plowed for basically two weeks straight. It was also so bad that he had to move some of the snow with a backhoe and dump truck! I am on a bowling league and officially missed 3 nights because of weather and one night because the bowling alley is in awful shape and the roof there was leaking.

My son said goodbye to 2 years old and his Early Intervention class. He is now at big preschool and seems to be a big boy quite literally at 37 pounds. His sister did not weigh that much until she turned 4 years old. His boy cousin who will turn 4 in April is only at 35 1/4 pounds. We have our 3 year old well check up on Friday and I'll be curious to see what they have to say about where we are on the charts, and/or off of them!
My daughter has been addicted to Webkinz and her 11 year old aunt. She has memorized her aunts phone number so that they can talk and play Webkinz on the computer. I think our official count on number of those silly things living at our house is 9.
I got a new dryer! YEAH! My old one had taken to randomly scorching clothes. Generally only mine and only ones that are meant for work and dressing up. It is so nice to throw a load in and know that they will come out untouched. :)
It was really a great month for our family!

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