Friday, January 27, 2006

The Biting Boy

My almost two year old son had suddenly turned into the biting boy! He has decided that when his sister makes him mad it's best to give her a big old bite. Yes, he's done it twice now - once on the arm and interestingly, once on the middle of the back. Now how you bite a persons back I'll never know as this one happened at Grammy's house.

The first time I was thankfully in the shower and my hubby was in charge of the children. They were playing with the ever so annoying "Amazing Amanda" that my parents bought my daughter for Christmas. The daughter doesn't play with it too often, but my son who can only say a few words likes the fact that the doll mostly asks yes or no questions! Two words he can easily say to her. So, anyhow my daughter says that she was sitting Amanda on the potty and my son was trying to feed her. Well, duh, you can't eat and potty at the same time, so she took Amanda away. Then my son took a bite out of my daughters arm. Daddy had to do the discipline and I'm glad because I'm no good at that. Plus, somehow when they do something bad I manage to get some of the blame.

So, a couple of days later the children were at Grammy's and he bit my daughter again. Don't know why as I wasn't there, but lets hope it was the last time.

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Kara said...

My son never did this, but my daughter does. She's 3 now, and we haven't had too many biting problems, but still enough to make me worry. After the first time it was instant punishment for any bite marks found on his older brother (after we determin that he didn't do it to himself in attemps to get her in trouble). Getting in major trouble seems to keep it under control. She knows in our house this is a very serious matter and won't be tolerated.