Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Little Girl, Big Attitude

My daughter - the little girl with the big attitude. She is 4 years old going on 14. Everything has suddenly become boring, especially being at home with her mom and dad. This is a little girl who loves to stay the night away from home. She's always asking me if she can stay somewhere else. After all she says how can she ever miss me if we're always together.

Then the other morning on the way to the babysitters house I was playing her Strawberry Shortcake CD and skipped a song that she never wants to listen to. Well, that was a big mistake! From the backseat the 4 year old says, "Mom - you did the wrong thing." She wanted to hear that song apparently and I messed it all up! Can you imagine this little angel once she has PMS! HA!

On the other hand, she does have her adorable, loving side! I wouldn't want you to think it was all about bad attitude. She does tell me that she loves me a kazillion and that I'm the best mom in the world.


landismom said...

Hi, just surfed over to say thanks for commenting on my blog. My daughter is the same way (only 6 going on 16)!

pink said...

that is so funny. my niece was here for christmas vacation and showed up in a "little body, big attitude" shirt. it definitely fit her to a T. haha. thanks for stoppin' by!