Wednesday, March 14, 2007

About Me

Every since the blog party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom I have had lots of new visitors! That's great! So, I thought I should share a few things about me. I've seen a lot of bloggers do these type of posts and I always enjoy them.

  1. I love the color pink!
  2. I love to watch "The Girls Next Door."
  3. I loved being pregnant with both of my kids.
  4. I feel passionately about midwives and what they do for birth.
  5. I was introduced to my husband by my highschool sweetheart.
  6. I love spring & summer.
  7. I love to go on vacation, especially to the beach.
  8. I love to stay at nice hotels.
  9. I love to eat at the Olive Garden.
  10. I love to go out on dates with my husband.
  11. I love to go shopping, and wish I had the money to go more often.
  12. I rarely ever buy an item that isn't on sale.
  13. I really enjoy buying and selling on E-bay.
  14. I love staying at home with my kids, but I also love my part time job.
  15. Before I had kids I loved to read historical romance, now I don't have time.
  16. I enjoy talking to expectant moms.
  17. I work at a Children's Boutique that my mom owns.
  18. My kids are night owls just like their dad.
  19. I would take a nap everyday if I could.
  20. I do NOT enjoy cleaning!

There is a start for people to get to know me better. Those are the top twenty things that came to mind when thinking of things that say a lot about who I am or what I enjoy!


Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

It looks like we've got lots in common... especially 19 and 20!

kate said...

i love "get to know you" memes. it's funny what people will admit to.