Monday, April 23, 2007


What is it about April that always brings unhappy things to my family? Every year it seems like April is a rough month for us. We've dealt with our share this April as usual. On Friday my 5 year old little girl peed in her pants at the babysitter. This little girl has never, ever, had a potty accident! Then today I went to pick up my 3 year old son from his first day back to preschool after his surgery and am informed that he had two poopy accidents today! He has never had a poopy accident! His teacher told me that he's not welcome back at school until he either "gets it under control" or wears pull-ups to school. I feel like crying. I don't understand what happened with these two kids having accidents? I wasn't very happy with my sons teacher and her lack of understanding either. He's never had problems before and yet he's instantly not welcome? Furthermore, it's a state funded preschool that deals with kids with disabilities so they are licensed to change diapers, etc. if need be. They don't have a potty trained policy although my son is usually potty trained. :(


Qtpies7 said...

I am the queen of kids having accidents, lol. 90% of the keywords to find my blog have to do with poop and pee!
I'm guessing your son could be reacting to having had surgery recently? Hopefully your son's teacher lightens up a bit. I think I'd have some complaining to do. It's the end of the year and all of a sudden he has his first accidents, just happens they are on the same day. He obviously has something wrong, sick, emotional, something! Keep taking him and tell them to be teachers and grow up.

I hope the rest of your April goes better!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

maria said...

Your daughter probably held it back too long. Maybe she didn't have the chance to go potty earlier on? qtpies7 is right, it's probably just a reaction to his recent surgery. What's wrong with his teacher anyway? Accidents happen when you deal with toddlers, and if they don't have a potty trained policy then she doesn't have any business banning your child to school. Give your kids and hubby a kiss, guaranteed spirit lifter :)

Chico said...

There are so many tensions involved in a first day at school, it is regretful that of everyone the teacher doesn't know that is one of the most common things to happen specially with such a little one. Your son will grow out of it at his own time, what you do need (just my opinion) is to change pre-schools or teachers. Perhaps someone that has real experience with toddlers. Just love him as you probably do, he'll be fine.