Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wonder Walk

Last week my daughter's preschool participated in the Wonder Walk for the March of Dimes. My daughter raised $50 for Premature Babies. This is a very special cause to us because my nephew was born 7 weeks premature just a little over 4 years ago. Now my sister is expecting her second son and is doing 17P injections to help prevent another preemie. So far she has just reached the mark at which her son was born. We're hoping for at least 37-38 weeks, but not too much more because she has developed Gestational Diabetes. She doesn't want to have such a big baby that they decide to do a C-section. People around the country are doing Walk America today also for the March of Dimes. Let's always remember the Premature babies and do what we can to help out!


Mandalyn said...

It's so great that you have taught your daughter to do things for a good cause! It's a great lesson--I know it hits close to home for your family! I developed gestational diabetes with my second daughter. I delivered 2 weeks early by induction and she weighed 9 lbs.

Thank you for visiting my blog!! I love meeting new blogging friends!!

God Bless!

Bree said...

Good for you guys!! and I thank you :) We just walked this morning and our team has raised..about 3000? I havent heard the final tally. I am 100 shy of my $1000 goal. It feels great to know I can help! I did the p injections as well and I made it to 39 weeks! So I am rooting your sister on!! I think it worked for us. And we can thank march of dimes for doing the research! If it wasnt for that..I would have had another preemie!Hopefully with the money raised they can find out more causes and more cures!! This is my site.. :)

Lauren said...

My hubby was born 7 weeks early... and he has had no major setbacks.
We have a nephew-in-law who was born at 29 weeks. His Mom was also a March of Dimes Walk participant last weekend. What a great organization!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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