Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Situation Resolved

I decided to talk to the director at my son's preschool. She was as upset as I was about the situation that occured on Monday. She talked to his teacher who did apologize to me. The director and I both were really disgusted that when I went to wash his clothes from school that a pair of the poopy underwear had been sent home with poop still in them and they were shoved in a rubber glove. It was awful and easier to just throw the whole mess away. My son went back to preschool today-in underwear-and had no further problems. I hope it was a one time only occurence!


Kat said...

That is horrible. I do daycare in my home and I personally would have either thrown them away or put on ruber gloves and cleaned them for the parent. It's really not that hard. Sorry that happened.

Jess said...

I'm glad you got an apology. That teacher was being a raging jerk and should know better than to treat someone that way.

Cooks on the Coast said...

AT the very least, the poop should have been removed and you should have been warned as to what was in the bag! Not a nice surprise!