Thursday, May 17, 2007


I always think it's interesting that 55 degrees in December would feel like a spring day, but 55 degrees in May feels like it's winter again! We've had a cold front move in here along with rain and I'm freezing! I sometimes wonder why I live in Ohio. It's high on unemployment and low on nice weather. LOL. Oh well, I guess if you're born somewhere and have family there you just settle in and stay. There are times I think living in Florida, Texas or Arizona would be really nice. Hawaii would be really nice too, but definitely out of my price range. :)

My kids had a field trip with their preschool yesterday. They went to the bowling alley and they sure did enjoy it. It's so funny to watch 3, 4 and 5 year olds try to bowl. They were also supposed to go to the park, but see above on the weather and you'll know why that was cancelled. Next Wednesday my daughter has her preschool graduation. This year has passed by so quickly!


tracey said...

Preschool graduation? Waaaaaah. She's off to big school in Sept--what a milestone!

Mandalyn said...

It's actually getting down to 48 degrees here in MS tonight and will be 78 degrees tomorrow--our allergies are all a mess.

I bet watching those preschoolers bowl is hilarious! What fun!

Military Mommy said...

My s-i-l used to live in Broadview Heights. She is back in NY now, but she really enjoyed Ohio while she was there.

I bet the preschool grad was bittersweet. Hugs to mommy! :)


MommyKnows said...

Too true about the weather:)