Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It's finally May! I just barely survived April. LOL! It was quite a month starting with sickness, then surgery and a hospital visit, two birthday parties, my husband quitting his job to start his own business, my sister having premature labor contractions, my parents new restaurant openening and anything else I might have forgotten! It's good to see a new month roll around, especially when the first two days have been filled with sunshine. This month could bring me a new nephew. I also celebrate my own birthday at the very end of May, and of course who could forget Mother's Day. There is nothing better than saying thank you to the mother's and grandmother's who mean so much! That also reminds me that my Grandma has a birthday this month. She is turning 79 and is still the most feisty lady I know! Everytime I get a Maxine cartoon in my e-mail I think of my Grandma and have to smile. Let's all hope that we get to enjoy the month!

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Mike said...

Very eventful April you had there. Have fun this May.