Friday, July 06, 2007

Lake Bound

I think we might be heading to the lake this weekend. My husband and I both work on Saturday, but I think when we get off we might go to the lake and watch the fireworks. Our Aunt's family has a cabin there and they've invited us to camp out there with them on Saturday night. We thought it would be a lot of fun for the kids and we could then spend Sunday at the lake as well.

The kids are going to another Bible School next week. This one is called Lift Off and is a hot air balloon theme. On Sunday evening the church is having hot air balloon rides in the park. We're hoping to be back from the lake so the kids can participate in that too. So, it could be a busy weekend!

This is definitely one of the reasons that summer is such a great time of year!


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

A trip to the lake sounds like fun, and the balloon rides do as well. Have a great weekend of fun!

Thanks for stopping by sidetrack'd and being kind enough to leave a comment.

adymommy said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Hot air balloon cool! I have been up in one, tethered to a couple of cars. For $5 they took you straight up, stayed up for a couple minutes and then brought you down. It was the coolest thing when I was 12, now I want a real ride!
Enjoy your weekend!