Monday, July 23, 2007

Old Friend

I got together a week or so ago with an old friend of mine from school. She is the only girl friend that I've kept in touch with over the years. We both always laughed about how we mostly had guy friends and we could only stand each other as far as female friends went. Even now we're each others only close girl friends and we have totally different lives.
I work part time and have two kids. My family is my life and everything pretty much revolves around it. She works full time, has no kids and just recently got divorced. Her life with her ex-husband kind of fell apart when she had a miscarriage last fall. It had taken them 7 years to decide to have a family and then their first attempt failed. It was kind of the final straw in what had been a rocky relationship.
She now has a new man in her life that is the total opposite of her ex. I was really shocked by him when I met him. My friend was always the dominant type and hated that I dated guys who were a little controlling. Now she is with a man who is controlling with a capital C. I didn't say anything though, because I would never want to hurt our friendship. She is already talking about marriage to him. I worry about her and want her to find some happiness! I know she wants a family really bad and I think that's why she wants to hurry up and settle down.
One thing I love about her is that we can be apart for a long time and when we get together we are right where we left off. That's one way I know that I have a true friend in her!

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