Saturday, September 08, 2007

One thing we learn

One thing we learn as parents is that there are always tough decisions to be made! My little girl started Kindergarten last week. She has a December birthday and that kept her from being able to start school last year. Over the summer my daughter taught herself how to read and is already reading at I would say at least a 1st or 2nd grade level. I have had many people, not just family, approach me before school started with concern that she would be bored and thus discouraged at school because she seems so ahead of the other kids her age. For example, next week at school they are doing, colors, shapes, sorting and the five senses. My daughter has know her shapes and colors since she was 3. The sorting and senses are something she also mastered quite a while ago. This week they were starting them on knowing words by site. She came home irritated that they wanted them to read single words rather than stories or books. I don't know what to do! A retired teacher suggested that we have her tested to see if she's in the right grade. She told us that if kids are bored they often don't end up working to their potential later. Then again, doesn't every parent think that their child is gifted? What to do?! If any of you are teachers or parents with more experience than I have, leave me a comment with your suggestions! I would greatly appreciate it!


Kim said...

I can't offer any advice other than just go with your gut but I worry about the same thing. My daughter will be 5 in November so she will be almost 6 when she starts Kindergarten next year. I am worried about this problem coming up with her. From what you have described, I would have her tested because if things continue the way they are now she is going to dislike school and that can't end well! Good luck!

buhtafly said...

Did she have a literacy assessment done before she started? I know some don't but I thought most were tested, its just a baseline that they use for the first year I think. I just know that if you think about it- she isn't the first to deal with this, there are so many who turn 6 pretty early in the school year and I am sure several who are further along like she is. I know I saw what my daughter would be learning the first couple weeks/months and I thought..OH BOY..she already knows ALL of that..So I have the same worries, but she isn't reading yet. I think if I were you, I would talk to her teacher after class and tell her your concerns. This may just be introduction stuff and after the first month they really start getting into it more, or maybe there is a TAG program she could get into where she gets to leave for part of class time. I am sure they deal with this sort of concern all the time. :)

Katie said...

I think your daughter and my son are a lot alike!! My son is currently 4 - he will be 5 in Nov. So, if he were going to be in public school he wouldn't have been able to start until next year. He was very interested in learning to read, so this summer we began working on that, and now he is reading small beginner reader books. I am homeschooling him this year - we are starting Kindergarten, and even the curriculum I bought starts out a little simple. It wanted me to start out teaching hime the ABCs, and make sure he knows colors, shapes excetera...but I skipped all of that because he has known that stuff since he was 3, like your daughter. As we are getting further into the curriculum, it is having him tell me what sounds the letters make, and when I ask him this he looks at me like, "you've GOT to be kidding me!!!" It is like I am insulting him! But the good thing is that (since I am the teacher) I am able to tweak the curriculum, and add to it in some areas to bring it up to where he is at. I can't even IMAGINE if he had to wait until next year to start school! I think he would be acting the same as your daughter about it. I would definitly have her tested, and see if they might move her up to first grade. Or if they won't maybe there is some type of advanced class that would be more challenging or something. Let us know how this all works out!

Mandalyn said...

I don't have kids in school so I don't have any real good advice! I can see where she would get bored since she is more advanced in what they are learning.

Good luck! Keep us updated on what happens!:)

Rebekah said...

She may be bored now, but she will have an advantage later. I am a Jan. birthday, so I remember feeling older later in life, but it worked well for me! My suggestion, as a teacher, is to make sure you meet with the teacher- it would be best to do it sooner so she really does not hate school. Ask the teacher to provide activities that are appropriate for her ability (most schools test all kindergarteners) and hope she/he will do it! And if she is gifted or advanced, make sure she is getting what she deserves. Smart kids need as much individual instruction as the lower kids do! Plus, she is not the only one that is older in her class. It is possible some will be turning 6 sooner than she is. Good luck to you and her!

doulicia said...

My older son, now in 4th grade, struggles with this every year. I don't know which is best. His grade-appropriate for maturity, so I don't think he'd do well with fifth-graders. But he is well past 5th grade level for reading and math.

So he's bored in 4th grade and we feel stuck.

The only advice I have is if you're going to bump a grade, do it now. By the time she's in 2nd grade or so, she'll be attached to her friends from her grade and not want to leave them behind.

good luck.