Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Smell of Avon

I like to buy my kids Avon bubble bath. I think it bubbles up so much more than the kind you buy at the store. Anyway, a couple of months ago when I decided to buy it for them I bought the kid scented one. When it was time to replenish our bubble bath supply I noticed that Avon was having buy one get one free so I bought the kid scent and one of the Pink Rose. My mom always bought me the pink rose when I was a kid because at the time there wasn't a "kid" scent. So, when I first used the pink rose for the kids the wonderful smell filled the air and took me back in time! It smells like my childhood bath time and that is so relaxing. It's amazing how certain smells will trigger memories, and for me it's the smell of Avon that takes me back in time. :)


dawn224 said...

The Care Deeply lotion was what my grandma always used. I don't think they sell it anymore though - it was a comfy smell.

Mike said...

I use Avon, too. On me. Seriously.


The Cheerio Queen said...

wow your post just brought me back! :) My mom also used to get us the pink rose bubble bath! In fact just reading your post I could almost smell it, and i can definitely see the pretty pink bottle! Thanks for the nostalgia! ha!