Monday, September 17, 2007

A Treasured Find

My husband and I cleaned out our garage yesterday. It definitely wasn't my idea of fun! However, I did find a treasure in there!
As some of my regular readers already know, my Grandma has Alzheimer's disease. She is no longer able to share cherished memories or most times have a normal conversation of any kind. It's sad to think that along with her memory failing, her unique memories of family history are going with her. A few months ago when cleaning out some boxes of mine I found a story I had written about her in school. It was all about her childhood and I was thrilled! We still wondered where I had gotten the information though. So, yesterday in the garage I found two pages in my Grandma's handwriting, that contained her childhood memories. I was so happy. My Grandma isn't capable of writing anymore and to see those words, in her own writing was a beautiful thing! I now have something that I will always treasure.


blackpurl said...

What a beautiful keepsake to have!

Hope said...

What a great find!

CB said...

That is so great! My Great Grandmother lived to be almost a 106 and the memories she shared are ones I will always treasure. What a great find for you and your family.