Friday, June 22, 2007


My daughter was looking forward to going to a Daisy Girl Scout meeting last night. The girls were going to meet at the park, make some crafts and deliver them to the nursing home. Well, when I picked her up at the baby sitter's house she mentioned that my daughter had been kind of laying around all afternoon. I immediately felt her head and it was burning up! I was a little mad that my sitter didn't check her head if she was just laying around, totally not like my daughter. When we got home her temp was 101.3 by underarm measurement's. She had no other symptoms really, just tired and feverish. I almost gave her Motrin when I suddenly remembered she's scheduled for outpatient dental surgery next Wednesday and you can't have Motrin for 2 weeks before surgery! Close call on my part! So, she had Tylenol every four hours until we went to bed. I checked her at 5:30 this morning and her temp was 102.2! Yikes! More Tylenol and when she woke up around 10:00 the fever seemed to have disappeared. I have no idea what was going on, but it does seem like the fever lasted just long enough to ruin her evening.

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