Thursday, June 07, 2007

Reading Girl

My 5 1/2 year old daughter who just finished preschool has managed to teach herself how to read. I know they didn't teach it to them at preschool, and she can already read books that are for early readers. She has always seemed smart to me and self taught herself many things. I can remember when she was around two and my mom wore a triangle shaped diamond necklace, all of a sudden she pointed to it and said triangle. We didn't even know that she knew her shapes! It took her a little while to talk, I think she was 18 months old before she ever said much, but once she did, she amazed us. I sometimes wonder if I only think she's smart because she's my daughter, but strangers comment on her verbal skills. She has totally adult conversations and uses big words. Just yesterday she told me that she sometimes adds words to the stories in books to make them more convincing. I hope that once she gets in Kindergarten this fall I'll have a better idea of if she really is ahead of the game. It always makes you wonder if you have a child that will excel or if it's all in the eye of the parent! :)

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