Friday, June 29, 2007

Avalanche Ranch

My kids just finished up a week of Bible school. This year the theme where they attended was Avalanche Ranch. It was right up their alley because their grandparents have horses and they love that kind of stuff. My daughter loves to go because she gets to be with her cousin. It was the first year that my son went because he just turned 3 in February. He had a great time and already asked me if he was going there tonight. I'm glad my kids get to go and that they enjoy it! It was also a nice time to have some time to myself. Sunday evening I spent quality time with my husband, Monday evening I went to my mom's house and used her tanning bed, Tuesday night I had a ladies night out with my bowling team gals, and last night my mom and I took a very quick shopping trip. I believe I hit 5 stores at the mall in just 45 minutes! My legs were sore today from walking so fast! LOL!

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buhtafly said...

We are doing that same theme at our VBS in two weeks! I am glad the kids liked it! We havent had a VBS at our church for a long time we are all pretty nervous how it will go since there is so much to this theme. We are making it only a 3 day though-I am in charge of the spotlight drama- its the powerpoint with all the kids pictures..ask your kids if they liked the video at the end of each day...I hope I can figure it out hehe :)